Saturday, November 28, 2015

RIP Norbert Gastell

Simpsons - voice actor Norbert Gastell deceased

November 28, 2015

Norbert Gastell is dead. The actor and voice actor died on Thursday in Munich.  He is best known as the German voice of Homer Simpson.  In September he spoke the lyrics for the upcoming season of the animated series.

In 1929 Norbert Gastell was born in Buenos Aires. After moving with the family he visited in Munich Wittelsbacher-Gymnasium and went before his Abitur at the drama school of Ruth von Zerboni. In 1950 he got his first stage commitment in Tübingen. Six years later, Munich became his artistic home, where he was engaged, inter alia, the People's Theatre.

In the 60's Norbert Gastell was often seen on television, among other things, he played the Forestry Director Leonhard in the ZDF series Forsthaus Falkenau.

But he was known for his many activities as a voice actor. He voiced among other things, the neighbors Trevor Ochmonek in the series ALF and is the German voice of Homer Simpson. He had more engagements among others for Gummibärchen Bande, Spiderman and his extraordinary family and South Park.  In addition, he said, the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter. In September, he was responsible for the coming season, the words of Homer Simpson.

GASTELL, Norbert (Emilio Norberto Otto Max Gastell)
Born: 10/14/1929, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: 11/26/2015, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Norbert Gastell’s westerns – voice actor:
River Pirates of the Mississippi – 1963 [German voice of Roy]
For a Few Dollars More - 1965 [German voice of Aldo Sambrell]
Blood at Sundown – 1966 [German voice of Carlo D’Angelo]
Count Bobby, the Terror of the West – 1966 [German voice of Mavid Popovic]
5 Giants from Texas - 1966 [German voice of Vassili Karamesinis]
The Big Gundown - 1967 [German DVD 2004 voice of Walter Barnes]
The Leatherstocking Tales (TV) - 1969 [German voice of Pierre Massimi, Indian]
They Call Me Trinity – 1970 [German voice of Mel Gaines]
Trinity is STILL My Name – 1971 [German voice of Jean Louis]
Hellhounds of Alaska – 1973 [German voice of Voyo Goric]
Zorro – 1975 [German voice of Giampiero Albertini]
Cold Mountain - 2003 [German voice of Donald Southerland]

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