Sunday, November 22, 2015

RIP Rex Reason

Actor Rex Reason has died
By James L. Neibaur
November 21, 2015

Rex Reason, the leading man in such films as “This Island Earth” and “The Creature Walks Among Us” has died according to his official Facebook page. He was 86.

Reason entered films in 1951 and first achieved notice in the film “Salome” (1953) which starred Rita Hayworth. Tall, and with a strong baritone voice, Reason was perfect as the heroic scientist in “This Island Earth” (1955), which is probably the film for which he is best remembered. Other films include “Band of Angels” (1957) with Clark Gable and Sidney Poitier, and he had the leading role in films like “Badlands of Montana” (1957) and “The Miracle of the Hills” (1959).

Reason also did extensive TV work, starring in his own series “Conflict” (1956-57), “Man Without a Gun” (1957-59), and “The Roaring Twenties” (1960-61). He also had guest appearances on shows like “Wagon Train” and “Perry Mason.” He then left Hollywood. Frank Sinatra wanted him for a role in “The Manchurian Candidate,” but Reason had already decided to end his career as an actor. Rex was the brother of actor Rhodes Reason who died December 26, 2014.

Rex Reason later did some voiceover work and also worked as a real estate broker. After his retirement, he started making occasional appearances at autograph shows, meeting with his fans and delighting at being remembered. Reason died on November 19, 2015, eleven days shy of his 87th birthday.

Reason, Rex (Rex George Reason Jr.)
Born: 11/30/1928, Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Died: 11/19/2015, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Rex Reason’s westerns – actor:
O’Rourke of the Royal Mounted – 1954
Saskatchewan - 1954 (narrator)
Taza, Son of Cochise – 1954 (Naiche)
Kiss of Fire - 1955
Smoke Signal - 1955 (Lt. Wayne Ford)
Raw Edge – 1956 (John Randolph)
Badlands of Montana – 1957 (Steven Brewster)
Man Without a Gun (TV) - 1957-1959 (Adam MacLean)
Trackdown (TV) -1957 (Travis)
The Rawhide Trail – 1958 (Jess Brady)
The Miracle of the Hills - 1959 (Scott Macauley)
The Alaskans (TV) – 1960 (Gordon Talbot, Paul Loomis, Stony McBride, Joe Holland)
Bronco (TV) - 1960 (Amory Tate)
Sugarfoot (TV) – 1960 (Simon March)
Wagon Train (TV) – 1963 (Colin Brenner)

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