Friday, December 11, 2015

RIP Denis Héroux

Death of director and producer Denis Héroux

La Presse Canada
By André Duchesne
December 11, 2015

The director, screenwriter and producer Denis Héroux Québec died yesterday evening. He was 75 years old.  The name of Mr. Héroux is associated with several memorable films in the history of Quebec cinema. One thinks immediately to Valerie Initiation A child like any other (featuring René Simard), Trivial snow There's always a way to average! I and my trip!

In the late 1970s, Mr. Héroux turns to production. As such, it has been associated to the securities Quest for Fire, The Plouffe, Atlantic City, and Hold-Up Black Dress.

It is the distributor Christian Larouche (Christal Films) who gave us the news. Mr. Larouche's wife, writer and producer Caroline Héroux (Lance et compte) is the goddaughter of Denis Héroux.

"At the time our cinema was very embryonic and he scored with his work in Quebec and elsewhere, said Larouche.  He managed to bring us films larger.  We just lost a great man of cinema. "

Over the years, the work of Mr. Héroux has earned him numerous awards in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.  Atlantic City film Louis Malle had among others won the Venice Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1980.

Mr. Héroux's career was launched when he was a student of history and literature at the University of Montreal.  With two other comrades, Denys Arcand and Stéphane Venne, he directed the film alone or with others.  The trio hired three artisans of cinema that would make their mark in Quebec: Michel Brault, Gilles Groulx and Marcel Carrière.  The film ended up at Cannes in 1963 in the Week section of criticism.

Always in film, Denis Héroux also had the opportunity to work with his brothers Claude and Roger.

During his career, Mr. Héroux has also affected the distribution and education.  From 2007 to 2013, he taught and the producer of business at the University of Montreal.

Born: 7/15/1940, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Died: 12/10/2015, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Denis Héroux’s westerns – producer, screenwriter, script editor, film editor:
Louisiana (TV) – 1984 [producer]
Bordertown (TV) – 1989-1991 [producer]
Tales of the Wild (TV) – 1994-1995 [story editor, film editor]
The Adventures of Smoke Bellew (TV) – 1996 [screenwriter]

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