Tuesday, January 5, 2016

RIP Giuseppe Lagana

Farewell to Giuseppe Lagana, the gentle smile cartoon. He oversaw the animation of Lupo Alberto. The great animator was ill for some time. He contributed to the success of Bozzetto and illustrated the TV character Silver

Quoti Dano
By Roberto David Papini
January 3, 2016

Rome – The international world of Italy cries a great author like Giuseppe Maurizio Lagana, who died in Rome after a long illness. Not disappearing, however, is his gentle smile and the fruits of his great creativity that placed him among the creators of the cartoon.

Born in Milan (on his date of birth has always maintained a curious silence) and graduated from the Academy of Brera, when very young began to work with Pierluigi De Mas, then he entered the studio of Bruno Bozzetto collaborating with the three big hits, three historical feature films as "West & Soda" (1965), "Vip mio fratello superuomo" (1968), "Allegro non troppo" (1976). With Bozzetto he also collaborated for the realization of the series of "Signor Rossi". His career as well, then, was a series of successes as a director and producer: with its "Animation Band" brought the animated character Lupo Alberto, created by Silver (Guido Silvestri) in the famous TV series. Just Silver, on Twitter, wanted to greet Lagana "friend and valued colleague."

Lagana has signed the direction of TV series such as "Sandokan 2" (2000) and "The Last of the Mohicans" (2003), made under the direction of an series conceived by Bozzetto as "Spaghetti Family". He has signed an international success as a feature on the bunny "Felix". Not only entertainment, though: Lagana was an artist of the imagination in the round, also ranging in the illustration, in the comics and advertising. Researcher and innovator had experimented already in the early 'eighties with the 3D in its "Pixnocchio" with Guido Vanzetti.

A winner of numerous awards around the world, in July 2015 Lagana was the star of an exhibition-tribute to Rimini festival "Cartoon Club" with "Dreams of all colors and Cartoons". A great (and deserved) satisfaction, perhaps late because an author as he deserved more recognition.

"He was a fantastic person to work with -remembers Bozzetto - there was the pleasure, joy, happiness and never a conflict, a disagreement. Any problem was always resolved with him, a noble person. In short, it was great to work with him. He had a very high artistic ability, especially for scenes in color was a magician. As a director, he had some good ideas, of particular taste. "

Maurizio Forestieri, director and president of Asifa (the association of Italian authors of animation) "Lagana was a delightful person from all points of view. It 'been a great director is series, has signed a lot of great titles. He leaves a piece of Italian. The idea that he is no more is devastating and very painful."

Married Annita, Lagana leaves two children Marco and Valentina "for him a source of happiness and courage in recent times", as written by Alfio Bastiancich, expert and producer of animation, a friend of many years Lagana. The funeral of Lagana held Tuesday, January 5 at 11 am at St. Pius V in Rome.

LAGANA, Giuseppe (Giuseppe Maurizio Laganà)
Born: 1944, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Died: 1/3/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Giuseppe Lagana’s westerns – director, animator:
West and Soda – 1965 [animator]
Last of the Mohicans – 2003-2007 [director]

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