Thursday, January 7, 2016

RIP Leonard White

RIP Leonard White

Big Finish News
January 7, 2016

It is with great sadness that we add our voice to the tributes for Leonard White, who has died aged 99.

Leonard was well known for his brilliant work in television as producer, working on many episodes of such series as Police Surgeon, Out of This World and Armchair Theatre. He will however be best remembered for his work as co-creator of The Avengers.

John Dorney, script editor and lead writer for Big Finish's range of Avengers titles, writes in tribute.

'In all the work we do at Big Finish we stand on the shoulders of giants. And none more so than Leonard White.

'The original producer of the Avengers, Leonard was a name I got very used to hearing during my work on our adaptations. A lot of details not present in the publicity materials we used as references were supplied instead by his crystal clear memories. The telesnap reconstructions so useful in indicating the tone of the missing episodes were often voiced by Leonard himself.

'Great shows don't happen by accident. Exploring the variety of stories across his work on the series has really helped me appreciate the man's work - it's clear that a very strong and imaginative mind was at the helm of the series. His innovations and inspirations all helped mark the series out, and without his vision I doubt we'd still be watching the series today. Thank you for everything Leonard.'

WHITE, Leonard (Leonard George White)
Born: 11/5/1916, Newhaven, Sussex, England, U.K.
Died:  1/?/2016, Seaford, East Sussex, England, U.K.

Leonard white’s western – director:
The Campbells (TV) - 1986

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