Sunday, February 21, 2016

RIP María Luisa Alcalá

María Luisa Alcalá, actress "Cándido Pérez" and "El Chavo" has died

El Dictamen
February 21, 2016

Mexican actress Maria Luisa Alcalá died this morning at 72 years-old, confirmed by Yolanda Ciani, secretary of the National Association of actors, who lamented the sad loss of his friend and companion of action.

Alcalá was born on March 26, 1943 in Mexico City and at 5 years participated in the film of Pedro Infante " Los tres huastecos".

With a long career in television, in the 70s he took part in 'El Chavo del 8 "with the character" Malicha "to replace for a while" La Chilindrina ".

Another of his famous characters was "Claudia," the maid on "Dr. Cándido Pérez ".

He also starred in such series as "Cachún cachún ra ra!", " Odisea Burbujas” and “Los Héroes del Norte”.

The actress will be veiled in Gayosso agency Sullivan.

ALCALA, Maria Luisa
Born: 3/26/1943, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Died: 2/21/2016, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Maria Luisa Alcala’s western – actress:
El rey 1976 (Anastasia)

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