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RIP Norman Hudis

RIP Norman Hudis

BBC News

Screenwriter Norman Hudis, best known for writing the first six Carry On films, has died at the age of 93.

After several weeks in hospice care, he died surrounded by his family in California on Monday evening.

His widow Rita Hudis said in a statement: "He died peacefully at home with myself and Stephen and Kevin, his two sons.

"He did well to reach 93. We will miss him. Our 60th anniversary would have been on the 28th April."

London-born Hudis began his career as a journalist, but soon turned his talents towards the screen and stage.

Carry On Sergeant was his break-out film in 1958. Following its success, he went on to write five more Carry On films before moving to the US.

His second film, Carry On Nurse, was the UK's top grossing film of 1959 and was based on tales from his wife Rita, who was a nurse herself and went on to become one of the medical consultants on the US medical show M*A*S*H.

His American television writing credits include The Wild Wild West, The F.B.I., The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and Hawaii Five-O.

For the stage, he wrote the long-running play Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners.

Morris Bright, chairman of Elstree Studios and a close family friend of 25 years, said: "Without him we wouldn't have had the Carry On films, because he wrote the first six - and look what that spawned over the years.

"We owe the man a lot. He leaves a great legacy of joy, entertainment and laughter - something we can look back on and say, 'We're very grateful for him'.

"He was a great guy, I shall miss him a great deal."

In 2008, Hudis published an autobiography titled No Laughing Matter: How I Carried On.
He is survived by his widow, two sons, and two grandchildren, Veronica and Cameron.

HUDIS, Norman
Born: 7/27/1922, Stepney, London, England, U.K.
Died: 2/8/2016, California, U.S.A.

Norman Hudis’ western – screenwriter:
The Wild Wild West (TV) – 1967

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