Sunday, March 6, 2016

RIP Aldo Ralli

Goodbye to Aldo Ralli, last supporting actor of the Italian film industry

One of the actors of the Italian cinema, had just turned 80. Supporting actor of the greatest Italian actors: Totò, Macario Walter Chiari and Paolo Villaggio. He appeared in comedies, musicals and also TV series, such as the cult 'Iron Class'. And finally, three films by Paolo Sorrentino. We have lost a piece of history of the Italian film industry

La Republica
By Raffaella Scuderi
March 6, 2016

He’s died in Rome aged 80 Aldo Ralli, one of the last stars of the Italian film industry. The announcement was made by his family. "Aldo Ralli should be protected as a panda because he belongs to a breed in danger of extinction," so they had written about him. Aldo was a "supporter", that is he belonged to that class of character actors whose art is deeply appreciated at the roots and consisted in offering artful jokes to comedians and to give birth to unforgettable duets. Such as those between Toto and Castellani, Campanini and Walter Chiari, Ric and Gian, Agus and Village, to name just a few. With Aldo Ralli disappears the last supporting actor formed in the era of the 1950s, the last who could boast of having worked with the great comedians like Beniamino Maggio, Carlo Dapporto, Erminio Macario. To their school he had learned the secrets of the times and breaks that draw the laughter, the ability to improvise, the mastery of the stage that is to say: "When he comes on stage, someone comes in." However, times have changed, and comedians have started to prefer monologues and he, without a supporting comedian, had used his art to play character roles in countless performances. Especially comedies, and among them to remember the many recited with Maurizio Micheli, comedian who despite being born with the attitude to the monologue, had become seduced by the entertainment that offered the game on stage with a supporting doc as it was Ralli. But also musicals as "My Fair Lady" and more "serious" texts as "Three Penny Opera" produced by Palermo Stable where roared in the role of Tiger Brown. An actor then, but the general public had known him as a character actor in many films of the 1970s and 1980s, in particular a number of "Rubbish" with Tomas Milian directed by Bruno Corbucci. Film-junk became a much-loved cult movie! As a "cult" it has also became the television series "Iron Class" in the early 1990s. Yet both in memory and in the lives of the children of those years to merit, after more than 20 years, a fan page on Facebook, where Aldo Ralli is invariably referred to as the "legendary" Captain Dowels, leader and teacher of young men who later became famous as Rocco Papaleo.

RALLI, Aldo (Aldo Matarazzi Ralli)
Born: 10/21/1935, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy
Died: 3/6/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Aldo Ralli’s western – actor:  
Rick & John Conqueror the West – 1967 (Romolo)

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