Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RIP Bengt Erlandsson

High Chaparral founder's death

March 22, 2016

High Chaparral founder, Bengt Erlandsson is dead.  Big Bengt which he was called has died, it was confirmed by his grandson Emil Erlandsson.

Big Bengt was a renowned entrepreneur from Kulltorp in the Gnosjö municipality. Early on he traded in used machinery in Brännehylte.

- In my opinion he was the biggest reason Gnosjöandan is there, says Emil Erlandsson.

Emil Erlandsson describes how his grandfather during the postwar built up businesses in the region with the help of all the contacts he had with large and small companies in Sweden and abroad.  When the 1960s began Bengt Erlandsson built on a plot of land next to Brännehylte, the plant that evolved into the theme park High Chaparral.

Big Bengt, as he was called, handed over operations of the amusement park to his children during the 1980's.  Emil Erlandsson says that his grandfather died Monday evening.  He was 93 years.

 - He has been poor the last time, says Emil Erlandsson.

Everything was possible

During the day, a memory table is to be arranged at the entrance to the restaurant at the High Chaparral.  He remembers his grandfather as funny, cheerful, generous and spontaneous.

 - It never was worthwhile to complain when he became angry.  He thought everything was possible.  For me, he was an incredible source of inspiration, says Emil Erlandsson.

ERLANDSSON, Bengt (Bengt Tage Erling Erlandsson)
Born: 10/10/1922, Kulltorps församling , Sweden
Died:  3/21/2016, Sweden]

Bengt Erlandsson’s western – producer, actor:
The Frozen Star - 1977

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