Friday, March 11, 2016

RIP Dragan Nikolic

Deceased actor Dragan Nikolic


Legendary actor Dragan Nikolic (73) passed away this morning in Belgrade, after a long and serious illness.

The giant of the Serbian theater has long struggled with problems with the colon.

The commemoration will be held on Monday 14 March at 12 am at the scene, "Mira Trailović" Atelier 212th

Dragan Nikolić will be buried the same day in the Avenue of Honor at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.  A collection of family and friends in 14 hours, and the start of funeral at 14:30.

He was born in 1943 in Belgrade.  After finishing elementary school he enrolled in the fourteenth Belgrade High School, which was not completed because it was moved to the School of Economics.

After spending two years in high school he graduated and passed the entrance exam at the Academy for theater, film, radio and television, and was the youngest student.  He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

His film career began in 1964 with a small role in the film Pravo stanje stvari," he then appeared using his baptismal name Dragoslav Nikolić.

Credit for changing to his nickname was due to an error at the end of the television series "Dovoljno je ćutati" in 1965 when they instead placed a nickname that would mark his career.

The first significant role was the main role in the film “Kad budem mrtav i beo” (1967) Živojina Pavlovića. His main and higher secondary roles were seen in more than thirty films: ističu se još “Horoskop” (B. Drašković, 1969); “Bube u glavi” (M. Radivojević, 1970), “Uloga moje porodice u svetskoj revoluciji” (B. Čengić, 1971), “Mlad i zdrav kao ruža” (J. Jovanović, 1971), “Bez reči” (M. Radivojević, 1972, Car Konstantin u Nišu), “Kičma” (V. Gilić, 1975), “Nacionalna klasa” (G. Marković, 1979, Car Konstantin), “Ko to tamo peva” (S. Šijan, 1980), “Banović Strahinja” (V. Mimica, 1981), where the role of the Turkish robbers Ali won the Golden Arena in Pula, “Sezona mira u Parizu” (P. Golubović, 1981), „Nešto između“ (S. Karanović, 1983), “Balkan ekspres” (B. Baletić, 1983), “Obećana zemlja“ (V. Bulajić, 1986), “Poslednji krug u Monci” (A. Bošković, 1989), “Original falsifikata” (D. Kresoja, 1991).

As a member of the Belgrade Drama Theatre and Atelier 212, where since 1969  he appeared in more than twenty roles and built a very successful theater career.

The "Pavle Vuisić" award for lifetime achievement was given to him in 2000.

Dragan and his wife Milena Dravić met in 1972 when they were together running the TV show "Obraz uz obraz" (Cheek to cheek) and during a break between filming, December 31, they went to the municipality to get married.

NIKOLIC, Dragan (Dragoslav Nikolic)
Born: 8/20/1943, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Died: 3/11/2016, Belgrade, Serbia

Dragan Nikolic’s western – actor:
The Golden Sling - 1967 (Dete I)

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