Wednesday, March 30, 2016

RIP Francisco Algora

RIP Francisco Algora

He died in the hospital of Puerto Real actor Paco Algora

The actor, who was 67 years old, had spent more than 25 years living in the town of Vejer

Diario de Cadiz
March 30, 2016

Francisco Javier Jimenez actor Algora died in the early hours of March 30 at the hospital in Puerto Real at 67 years of age because of a lung cancer against which took more than a year fighting.

Born in Madrid in 1948, Algora was closely linked to the province of Cadiz and who resided in the town of Vejer for 24 years. In fact, in 2015 he was named Vejariego Tourist Adoption, who received "grateful and excited" and saying: "I make more than you because I take the love of all, and you just mine."

Paco Algora participated in about 60 feature films for directors such as Manuel Gutierrez Aragon, Jose Luis Garci, Juan Antonio Bardem or Pedro Olea.

Among his performances include his supporting role in 'Barrio' by Fernando Leon de Aranoa, with whom he aspired to a Goya award and 'Grandpa', 'You're the one', 'Story of a Kiss',' tiovivo C. 1950 ',' Luz de domingo 'and' Sangre de mayo 'Garci.

Also in his filmography are titles like 'Speak, mudita' Gutierrez Aragon; 'Witch, rather than witch' by Fernando Fernan Gomez; or 'quiet time' by Vicente Aranda.

His acting debut came in the mid-60s on stage. As a member of Teatro Estudio de Madrid, Los Goliardos and the Independent Experimental Theatre, he puts to the orders of Miguel Narros, William Layton, or Angel Facio.

Thanks to television he played characters like friar become brigand Curro Jiménez or cure Fortunata and Jacinta, he met the Dantesque nineteenth-century Spain portraying 'The primogeniture' Labraz and backed into the war with 'Love in troubled times'. He wore, however, about eight years without working.

Algora was awarded in 2013 with the Act Award, the highest honorary distinction of AISGE, a trophy that, in his words, was a "stimulus to not throw in the towel".

"I miss the interpretation as a synonym for baring the soul, but first you have to have it, and it is difficult in a world corrupted by money. It has already denied all due respect to this beautiful way of living," he said in AISGE told the actor, whose friends described themselves as "very human, very religious and very left."

ALGORA, Francisco (Francisco Javier Jiménez Algora)
Born: 12/7/1948, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Died: 3/30/2016, Puerto Real, Andalusia, Spain

Francisco Algora’s western – actor:
Yankee Dudler - 1973 (Andreas Hofleitner)

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