Monday, March 14, 2016

RIP Nicolau Breyner

The actor Nicolau Breyner, "Mr Contente" has died

March 14, 2016

He was 75 years old and over 55 years in my career: was an actor, producer, director and one of the most popular figures of national fiction.

Actor Nicolau Breyner died Monday. He was 75 years old and over 55 career: was an actor, producer, director and one of the most popular figures of national fiction. According to official sources the actor, died at home of "natural causes", it seems to have been a heart attack.

The actor last October filmed the telenovela La impostora for TVI, which has not yet shown, and had a trip scheduled to Brazil tomorrow morning. His sudden death shocked the art world and beyond. The President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has expressed his "great sorrow" for the death of the actor. For the Prime Minister António Costa, "it is a great loss for us all."

"The actor's mission is to simply move people. Take them to laughter or to tears. Making love or hate us. Anyway .... You make them dream. When this happens, your mission is accomplished". The phrase, Nicholas Breyner, registered on the site of the school NBAcademia actors who founded possibly synthesizes the work of a life linked to representation, albeit with a shift in politics.

The Minister of Culture, João Soares, reacted directly in SIC: "I am here to bow down modestly before this great man who did absolutely decisive things that marked my generation.." Soares also noted the "citizen committed to the future of their country and that formed and influenced many young actors."

"He was an odd actor. There was no one like him," summarized the director António Pedro Vasconcelos. "The gift of genius is to make it look easy," he added, speaking to SIC Notícias. Nicholas Breyner participated in the penultimate film of the director, the Cats do not have vertigo, and Vasconcelos recalls the "big fellow" who helped the younger ones.

But the former leader of the CDS, Paulo Portas, told SIC News political experience of Nicholas Breyner, who in 1995 ran for city council Serpa by CDS. Gates recalled an 'absolutely extraordinary campaign "in which Nicholas Breyner achieved a" very high vote," despite not having won. The former leader said the centrist political career was not the most important actor in the route and even recalled that he laughed "a lot with him this experience [to apply for Alentejo authority]"

BREYNER, Nicolau (João Nicolau de Melo Breyner Moreira Lopes)
Born: 7/30/1940, Serpa, Portugal
Died: 3/14/2016, Lisbon, Portugal

Nicolau Breyner’s western – actor:
Bonança & C.a - 1969 (Adão)

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