Wednesday, April 13, 2016

RIP Elcira Olivera Garcés

Actress Elcira Olivera Garcés has died

With a long career in show business, she died at the age of 91 in the province of Cordoba.  On the small screen she was noted for her role in " Papá corazón"

April 13, 2016

Actress Elcira Olivera Garcés died at age 91 in the early hours of Tuesday at the nursing home Villa Giardino, where she was hospitalized for a while by advanced age and overall poor health.

She was born on October 22, 1924 in the province of Mendoza.  Her career began in radio and she participated in such successful soap operas as La sangre también perdona.  Then she came to the big screen in 1951 with the film La pícara cenicienta.

With an extensive filmography, she worked in a dozen films like La Tigra (1954); Los ojos llenos de amor (1954); De noche también se duerme (1956); Enigma de mujer (1956); Todo el año es Navidad (1960);  Crónica de un niño solo (1966); and Juan Moreira (1973). Along with Tita Merello she participated in the films Los evadidos and Los hipócritas (1964).

 On television, she will be remembered for having played the role of Tía Peluca in Papá corazón, with Andrea del Boca.  She also participated in several series such as Palmolive del aire, Tu triste mentira de amor, Ese que siempre está solo, Llena de amor, El Rafa, 24 horas, Un amor como ninguno y Alta Comedia.

She was married to Abel Santa Cruz, writer and scriptwriter of several television series where she was part of the cast.  Also, she was the sister of Laura Favio, amd renowned singer and film director Leonardo Favio, who she worked with in two films.

GARCES, Elcira Olivera
Born: 10/22/1924, Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina
Died: 4/12/2016, Cordoba, Argentina

Elcira Olivera Garcés’ western – actress:
Juan Moreira – 1973 (La Vicenta)

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