Tuesday, April 12, 2016

RIP Francisco Nicholson

Francisco Nicholson, an innovator in magazine and television has died

He made his debut on stage at 14, was one of the important names in vaudeville history and television. In 2014 he wrote the first novel. The actor and author hs died at 77, in Lisbon.


The actor, playwright and screenwriter Francis Nicholson died Monday, said the family source Lusa. His mame was well known in the theater and on Portuguese television. He also built a career in cinema and music. He died at home at the age of 77.

Francis Nicholson started doing theater at 14, at the old Camões High School, under the direction of director and poet António Manuel Couto Viana, from the invitation which came to belong to the Youth Group, which integrated with, among others, Rui Mendes Morais and Castro, Catarina Avelar and Mario Pereira.

Up to 21 years he was on the stages, attended his studies and joined the merchant navy.  Only then did he devote himself to full-length theater career. He remembered those times in an interview for the Saturday magazine in 2014: "At that time no one wanted me. My parents required me to take a course. When I turned 21 years of age I could follow what I wanted. So I went into the Merchant Marine, took the course of pilotage and boarded.  At 19, I was an officer and gave orders to the bearded sailors, because they had no authority over me. "

He studied in Paris, attending the Academy Charles Dullin, the Théatre National Populaire, appearing with the great names of French theater, as Jean Vilar, Georges Wilson, Gerard Philipe.  He returned to Portugal in 1960 and passed the Conservatory exam but after only for three months he left after a disagreement with a colleague.  He debuted as a professional in the theater Gerifalto, with the play "Misterioso até Mais Não," a children's show that Nicholson himself wrote.

The National Theatre Company and Theatre Studio Lisbon were some of the stages where he went and where he played in works by Strindberg, Kleist or Bernard Shaw. He was also one of the actors who inaugurated the Teatro Villaret, founded by Raul Solnado.  "O Inspector Geral," Nicholas Gogol, was in Villaret in 1965 and had Nicholson as one of the cast members.

NICHOLSON, Francisco (Francisco António de Vasconcelos Nicholson)
Born: 6/26/1938, Lisbon, Portugal
Died: 4/11/2016, Lisbon, Portugal

Francisco Nicholson’s western – writer:
Bonança & C.a. - 1969 [Portuguese dialogue]

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