Friday, April 8, 2016

RIP Mircea Albulescu

RIP Mircea Albulescu

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April 8, 2016

Mircea Albulescu died this morning at Floreasca Hospital.  The actor will be buried Sunday with military honors

Master Mircea Albulescu died this morning at the age of 81 years.  He is hospitalized Thursday at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest.

After a career of nearly seven decades, Mircea Albulescu has died Friday morning at Floreasca Emergency Hospital, where he had been hospitalized with respiratory problems Thursday after-noon.

 Old master had heart problems, and after two years, had undergone a triple bypass surgery on the heart of Timisoara Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases.

In recent years, Mircea Albulescu went through hard times.  In 2007 he lost his wife, killed by cancer.

Actor's lifeless body will be made Saturday in the foyer of National Theatre between 10-13.  On Sunday, Mircea Albulescu will be buried with military honors in the cemetery Reinvirea.

Romanian actors reactions after the death of Mircea Albulescu.  Malaimare "Mircea deserved a century of silence"

The actor was operated in 2014 in Timisoara Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases.  He was then undergo triple bypass surgery.

Bypass surgery lasted five hours and actor stood heart stopped about 45 minutes.  Specialists said then that the coronary arteries that winding surface were narrowed her heart and blood irrigates not enough heart.

He felt he gets sick right after a show has played in Timisoara.  Accusing severe pain in the chest and was taken immediately to hospital.  Doctors decided to operate emergency and they mounted three heart bypass sites.

ALBULESCU, Mircea (Iorgu Constantin Vasile Albulescu)
Born: 10/4/1934, Bucharest, Romania
Died: 4/8/2016, Bucharest, Romania

Mircea Albulescu’s western – actor:
The Actress, the Dollars and the Transylvanians – 1978 (Wheeler)

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