Thursday, April 28, 2016

RIP Ugo Adinolfi

RIP Ugo Adinolfi

By Mario Adinolfi

The night is sleepless, I read your messages and I thank you. Losing a dad means losing the people who will love you for free, unconditionally, no matter what you do, forever. So it is an incalculable loss that only faith can comfort, knowing that he is now gone. Ugo Adinolfi was crossed by all possible tragedies: He was born under the bomb of World War II in 1943, in poverty, he lost a brother and a baby daughter in his early twenties, in poverty he married my mother when she moved from Salerno to Rome. He became an actor (60 films), leaving the movies "for the family". He obtained two degrees at the threshold of 40 years and became director of the state, the man most disciplined and honest that I've ever met. Three days after being retired, he suffered a massive coronary. Survived a few years until yesterday afternoon, when he fell asleep and didn't wake up anymore.

Ugo Adinolfi was one of those Italian actors that little is known about. He appeared in many co-production films with Spain, mainly for tax purposes among which were eighteen Euro-westerns between 1967 and 1971.

Born: 4/1/1943, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Died: 4/26/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Ugo Adinolfi’s westerns – actor:
Killer Kid – 1967 (Ramirez henchman)
The Moment to Kill – 1967 (Forrester henchman)
Rick & John Conquer the West – 1967
The Wild and the Dirty – 1967 (Claude/Claudio ranchand)
Blood Calls to Blood – 1968 (Angel Face)
Full House for the Devil - 1968 (Meredith henchman)
Gatling Gun – 1968 (Ted Grant)
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone – 1968
The Long Day of the Massacre – 1968 (Alan Brothers)
The Mercenary – 1968 (land owner)
Sartana – 1968 [as Adinolfi Ugo]
Two Pistols for a Coward – 1968
The Law of Violence – 1969 (Sidney Garrett)
Zorro, the Navarra Marquis – 1969 (Lieutenant Bombardi)
A Man Called Apocalypse Joe – 1970 [as Hugo Adinolfi]
Bullet for a Stranger – 1971 (breeder)
Drummer of Vengeance – 1971
Guns for Dollars – 1971 (Pablito)

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