Sunday, May 15, 2016

RIP Nella Gambini

Tadzius C. Gambini
May 8, 2016

She would prefer absolute silence, like the one that hung over her life for a long time now. But I cannot turn a blind eye. My Star has left us. She died peacefully in her sleep on the evening of May 1st, a week ago. For discretion and confidentiality that have always distinguished her, she wanted the news of her death to only be made public after the fact. Now, every word is superfluous. What I feel is indescribable. I cannot even imagine a life without her. It was still beautiful, despite remaining faithful to the will that she no longer wished to appear. She left with her beautiful hair, long and thick almost like 40 years ago, at exactly 30 years after the death of her sweetheart, a pain that had removed her ability to be happy. She said: "I was happy for 20 years, then it was over. I should be afraid of the idea of ​​the concept, the feeling. But no, it was great and if you go back risbatterei head other ten, a hundred, a thousand times. I wish everyone to be as happy as I did it. Because there is nothing more beautiful than to have someone who, takes you by the hand and over your life gives you the joy of becoming yourself. "A Roman and Cuban, conceived in the capital but born by chance in Ferrara on January 6, 1953, while her mother (Cuban) and father (strongman-acrobat acrobat-juggler, stuntman) roamed up and down the boot trying to make ends meet. To accompany her last trip, she wears the black business dress suit she wore 13 years ago on the occasion of her farewell to Cinecittà, earrings white pearl, a precious scarf wrapped around her neck, received as a gift from Donna Paola Bourbons, two Kinder chocolate bars held tight in her hands, the songs "Se non avessi più te" and  "Grandma's dance" and the "Requiem" of Trastevere (the film), the film to which she was tied up for 45 years. Her ashes, which are now harbored in the house of her brother, will soon be scattered together with those of her father, on the Appia Antica on a beautiful sunny day.

To her, from now on, I will devote my life ~ Tadzius C. Gambini

Born: 1/6/1953, Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Died: 5/1/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Nella Gambini’s westerns – actress, stunt woman, stunt coordinator, master of arms, voice actress.
Up the MacGregors – 1966 [also stunts]
Don’t Sing Shoot (TV) – 1967 [stunts]
7 Pistols for a Massacre – 1967 [stunts]
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow – 1972 [Italian voice of Fiorella Mannoia]
Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre – 1972 [Italian voice of Fiorella Mannoia]
When the Devil Grips a Colt – 1972 [Italian voice of Fiorella Mannoia]
Young Guns Go West – 1975 [stunt coordinator, master of arms]

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