Tuesday, May 3, 2016

RIP Sergio Vitier

Renowned Cuban musician Sergio Vitier dies

El Nuevo Herald

Renowned Cuban musician Sergio Vitier, son of the poetess Fina García Marruz, died Sunday in Havana, at age 68, because of a stroke, according to state media.

Sergio Vitier, awarded the National Music Prize 2014, was born into a family of prominent intellectuals and artists, which include his parents, writers Fina Garcia Marruz and Cintio Vitier, his uncle Eliseo Diego, and his brother Jose Maria, who is also a prominent composer and pianist.

The musical work of Vitier, considered a profound knowledge of popular traditions of the island, traveled the interpretation and composition of music for various events, from dance, theater, film and television, to scores formatted for symphonic orchestras.

As an author and guitarist he will be remembered for his contributions to the Group of Sound Experimentation of ICAIC, a musical ensemble that existed from 1969-1977, and was characterized by their search for new sounds, updating and technical and artistic rigor.

The musical work of Sergio Vitier was also highlighted in the development of soundtracks for film of the island, including those of the films "Capablanca" by filmmaker Manuel Herrera, "The brigadier" by Octavio Cortázar, "Caravan", by Rogelio Paris, and "Roble de olor," Rigoberto Lopez.

His discography includes the albums "Tributes", with which he won the Prize of the companies Recordings and Musical Editions (EGREM) in 1997 and the title "Crossing", "Our Song," for which he won awards for "Cubadisco" in 2000 and 2001 respectively, "From the Renaissance to the Rumba" and "Anniversary".

VITIER, Sergio
Born: 1/18/1948, Havana, Cub
Died: 5/1/2016, Havana, Cuba

Sergio Vitier’s western – composer:
En el umbral - 1995

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