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RIP Velimir Bata Živojinović


Bata Živojinović (1933-2016)

Played in more than 340 movies and TV series

Actor Velimir Bata Zivojinovic, died May 22 at 22:45 hours in the hospital Sveti Sava in Belgrade, at which he was submitted in late April when his state of health suddenly deteriorated he had been impaired after a stroke four years ago.

Bata Zivojinovic was born in Koraćica under Kosmaj 5 June 1933 as an intern he worked as a stagehand and helper at the Academic Theatre "Branko Krsmanovic" in Belgrade, then attended secondary acting school in Nis and Novi Sad and Theatre Academy in Belgrade, to which he was admitted after his third attempt.

In Belgrade Drama Theatre has played for several years.  Film debut in "Songs from Kumbara" (1955, directed by Rados Novakovic), then in the film by Veljko Bulajic "Train without a schedule in" (1957), and during the sixties in such films as "Kozara" Veljko Bulajic (for which he was awarded u Puli), "Battle of Britain", then "High voltage" (1981), "Great transportation" (1983), "Promised Land" (1986). more particularly successfully cooperates with Stole Jankovic ( "Radopolje", 1963 .; "MP", 1964; "Cherry on Tasmajdan", 1968; "Partisans", 1974; "Tren", 1978; the enemy, Zika Pavlovic 1967 "Breza" Anta Baba, "in the Jaws of life '' Rajko Grlic, the anthological movies "Maestro and Margarita", "Happy Gypsies", "Three" ...

Certainly one of his most famous films is “Valter defends Sarajevo”, which achieved great success in China. His last role was in the film "Ice" in 2012.

Bata Zivojinovic’s more important roles were in films directed by the most famous directors of which he was a contemporary of R. Novakovića (Song, 1961; desertions. 1968), Ž.  Pavlovic (Back, 1966; Chase, 1977), Z. Velimirovića (Death and the Dervish, 1974; Tops Zelengore, 1976; Dorotej, 1981), V.Mimice (Revolt 1573, 1975), G. Paskaljevic (Beach Guard in winter, 1976 .; Dog who loved trains, 1977), Ž.  Nikolic (Beštije, 1977, Miracle unseen, 1984), B. Draskovic (Red Heat, 1979; Life is Beautiful, 1985), L. Zafranović (Pad Italy, 1981) and others.

He played in the popular TV series RTS from "Return of the Written Off", "The Story of the Workshop", "Theatre in the House," "Citizen Sela Luga", "Grey Home", "The End of Obrenovic Dynasty" in the television series "Radovan the Third "u" Better life, "" Happy People","Family Treasure "," My Relatives From the Country."

Bata Zivojinovic had twice received the Golden Arena for Best Actor at the Festival in Pula - for the films "Kozara" (1962) and "Three" (1965). For the film "Tren" he received an award at the International Festival in Moscow in October 1978. Award of Belgrade he received in 1972. He received the July 7th Award of SR Serbia in 1981, and several times at the festival in Nis.  In August 1993 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award "Slavica" for its role in the Yugoslav film industry and recognition of the Yugoslav Film Archive - Gold Seal.

He was one of the founders, and at one time president of the Screen Actors Guild, one of the founders of the Film festival in Sopot.

He was involved in politics.  Several times he was elected a deputy in the National Assembly of Serbia as a member of the Serbian Socialist pariah, and was the party's candidate in the presidential election 2002.

Živojinović, Velimir Bata
Born: 6/5/1933, Koracica, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Died: 5/22/2016, Belgrade, Serbia

Velimir Bata Živojinović’s western – actor:
Flaming Frontier - 1965 (Jim Potter)

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