Monday, June 27, 2016

RIP Bud Spencer

June 27, 2016

Bud Spencer has died

The actor, Carlo Pedersoli has died. He was 86 years-old. The announcement was made by his son: "Dad flew away peacefully. He did not suffer, his last words were "thank you".

He died Monday afternoon the actor Bud Spencer aka Carlo Pedersoli. This was announced by son Giuseppe Pedersoli "Dad flew away peacefully at 18.15. He did not suffer, and had us all beside him, his last words were “thank you”. He was born in Naples on 31 October 1929.

Not only comic

Bud Spencer for many generations, who knew him at the movies and then in the endless television reruns, was the giant with a heart of gold that led him on adventures paired with his friend Terence Hill. Unforgettable was this figure of a bearded big man in the spaghetti westerns of the '70s, from "They Call Me Trinity" through the various sequels.

Carlo Pedersoli, however, was involved in a long and multifaceted career in which, next to the most popular films, there was space for the thriller (directed by Dario Argento in Four Flies on Grey Velvet), art films with Ermanno elms and even to the civil complaint drama with black Torino Carlo Lizzani.

The bitterness of the past years

After many successes he also had a bit 'of bitterness in recent years, to be lightly regarded by the world of cinema. "In Italy I and Terence Hill simply do not exist - he complained - despite the great popularity that we have today among children and young people. They were never given a prize, not even invited us to festivals. "The last appearance on TV was in 2010 with The Cook crimes of fiction Channel 5. In 2015 he was celebrated in Naples with a medal and a plaque for his long career that he was given by the mayor De Magistris.

Record holder in swimming

Carlo Pedersoli was born in Naples (Saint Lucia district) on October 31, 1929. His father was a businessman from Brescia and the work took him away from the Gulf when Carlo was just 11 years old and the whole family moved to Rome (Parioli district) in 1940. Leaving friends from school (including Luciano de Crescenzo), the boy enrolled in high school and a swimming course, being brilliant in both cases, so that he went to college (chemistry course) at just 17 years of age. After the war, however, the family changed cities again, Pedersoli ended up in Rio de Janeiro, and Carlo had to leave school. Will the worker, the librarian, the embassy secretary as in the legends of American stars. Back in Rome, he resumed his studies but above all the activity in the pool where it is reported he was soon a real ace: in the 100 meters free style he made history by becoming the first Italian to break the minute barrier net (59 "5 in 1950 and in the 25 meters in Vienna). The Italian won 11 titles and attended the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952 and it will also be noted how he was the center of attention with the Italian triumphs in the 1955 Mediterranean Games in Barcelona.

The landing at the movies

He also continued to study (this time-law, he graduated and that lead to a successful conclusion despite the sporting exploits) and is noticed by the film in the middle of Hollywood on the Tiber season. Thanks to the physical sculptural, was hired as an extra in 'Quo Vadis?' And then ended up on the set of "Hannibal" where he met the young actor Mario Girotti - Terence Hill - who will become his excellent partner a few years later. It's up to Mario Monicelli who entrusted with him his first real role, that of the abusive Nando in "A Hero of Our Times" (1955). Closed with swimming after the Rome Games in 1960 he returned to South America for a long period away from his interests. He returned to Italy opened and his own company, he married Maria Amato (the daughter of the producer Peppino Amato), she gives birth to his first two children, writes songs and gets some success. With cinema he must work through the ranks it is long and Bud Spencer won the lead role in the western "God Forgives I Don’t" in 1967 thanks to Giuseppe Colizzi. First he refused because of economic demands but then enlisted because he is the only suitable actor for the gigantic and menacing partner of the protagonist, Pedersoli meets again Mario Girotti. The two will decide at the end of the film, to change their names on the posters to attract the public and Pedersoli choose his favorite beer Bud and his adored actor Spencer Tracy.

The triumphs

The success of the film is more than flattering, but it will be the next episode, "They Call Me Trinity" (Enzo Barboni, 1970) to consecrate the personal success of the duo. A real love at first sight with the public that will be repeated, infallible, for another 16 times in all. The cliché of the character is always the same and Spencer also redeveloped by itself: a giant with the heart of gold, that leads the way, always smiles like a child, restores the wrongs and enjoys life. Cowboy or investigator (the Steno series "Big Foot Cop"), adventurer or a good father, Bud Spencer even perfected a type of hammer blow that will make him unmistakable.


Bud Spencer "disappears a great interpreter of Italian cinema that during his long career he has been able to entertain generations and conquer the audience with his great professionalism," says the Minister of goods and cultural activities and tourism, Dario Franceschini who clings to the actor's family died this evening in Rome. "He had been loved by so many," it is instead the tweet of condolence of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

SPENCER, Bud (Carlo Pedersoli)
Born: 10/31/1929, Santa Lucia, Naples, Campania, Italy
Died: 6/27/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Bud Spencer’s westerns – actor:
God Forgives... I Don’t! – 1966 (Earp Hargitay/Hutch Bessy/Dan)
Ace High – 1967 (Hutch Bessy)
Beyond the Law – 1967 (James Cooper)
Today We Kill… Tomorrow We Die! 1968 (‘Walrus’ O’Bannion)
Boot Hill – 1969 (Hutch Bessy/Arch Hutch)
The 5-Man Army – 1969 (Mesito/Panchito)
They Call Me Trinity – 1970 (Bambino)
Trinity is STILL My Name – 1971 (Bambino)
It Can be Done... Amigo! – 1972 (Hiram Coburn)
Massacre at Fort Holman – 1972 (Eli Sampson)
Buddy Goes West – 1981 (Buddy/Doctor Malabar)
Troublemakers – 1994 (Moses)
Denn sie kennen kein erbarmen - Der Italowestern – 2005 [himself]
Giuliano Gemma: An Italian Story – 2012 [himself]
Stracult: La nascita di: Django, Ringo, Sartana, Trinita, Navajo, Camposanto… (TV) – 2012
Django, Trinity and the Others... 2013 [himself]
Stracult: Western Italiani, i Mitici Film Anni 60 & 70 – 2013 [himself]
The Angel, the Brute and the Wise – 2014 (poker player) [film was never made]
Django, Sartana, Trinity and the Others...  2014 [himself]
Keoma Unchained – 2014 (Bud)
Sin piedad ? [himself]

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