Monday, June 13, 2016

RIP Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)

Italian actor, stuntman and director of dubbing Mimmo Palmara died on June 10th. He was 87.

Born Domenico Palmara on July 25, 1928, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy He attended acting classes at The National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, graduating in 1949. He was particularly known since the 1950s fifties, where he appeared in some small-scale productions and then in the  peplum genre which was much in vogue in those years. He then dedicated his career to the genre of the Spaghetti western, working with the most acclaimed directors of the time. In this period, he was billed as Dick Palmer. After the wave of Spaghetti westerns, Palmara devoted himself to voice dubbing - founding in 1967 his dubbing company, SYNC Film – and to participation in detective films of the 1970s. In his career he starred in about 70 films, but became really famous to a generation as the masterful as seraphic interpretation in the 1980s as the Commander in Gundam Ramba Ral.

PALMARA, Mimmo (aka Dick Palmer) (Domenico Palmara)
Born: 7/25/1928, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Died: 6/11/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Mimmo Palmara’s westerns – actor.
Bullets Don’t Argue - 1964 (Santero)
Johnny West - 1965 (Johnny ‘Cherokee’ West) [as Dick Palmer]
Renegade Gunfighter – 1965 (Sheriff Steven Benson) [as Dick Palmer]
Two Sons of Ringo – 1966 (sheriff)
The Handsome, The Ugly and the Stupid - 1967 (‘The Handsome’)
Poker with Pistols – 1967 (Masters)
A Rope for a Bastard – 1967 (Sheriff Alan Phillip)
Shotgun – 1967 (Jack Owen/Quartz) [as Dick Palmer]
Black Jack - 1968 (Indian Joe)
Dead for a Dollar – 1968 (Frank Richards) [as Dick Palmer]
Execution - 1968 (Clint Clips) [as Dick Palmer]
A Long Ride from Hell – 1968 (Sheriff Max Freeman) [as Dick Palmer]
Tequila Joe – 1968 (Manuel Trianes) [as Dick Palmer]
The Deserter - 1971 (Mangus Durango)
Gunman of 100 Crosses - 1971 (Louis/Frank Dawson) [as Dick Palmer]
He was Called the Holy Ghost - 1971 (sheriff) [as Dick Palmer]
Panhandle Calibre .38 – 1971 (Sheriff Kartny/Jones)
Denn sie kennen kein Erbarmen - Der Italowestern - 2005 [himself]
Stracult: Western Italiani, i Mitici Film Anni 60 & 70 (TV) – 2013 [archive footage]

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