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RIP Götz George

Götz George dead at the age of 77 years
Die Welt
June 26, 2016

The actor Götz George is dead. His agent announced in Berlin late on Sunday, George died on June 19 after a short illness at the age of 77 years.

 "Götz George has wanted an adoption in the inner circle," it said in the statement.  From further inquiries should be waived out of consideration for the privacy of the family.

George had an audience of millions in addition to numerous other roles especially as "Tatort" commissioner Horst Schimanski in memory.  The brash policeman from the Ruhr he embodied within 32 years a total of 48 times.

With the German Television Award honored for life's work

One of his most famous film roles was born in Berlin as a gay serial killer Fritz Haarmann in "The Deathmaker" of 1995. In satires as "schtonk!"  or "Rossini" George showed his comedic talent.

In 2007 he was honored for his life's work with the German Television Award.  Six years later he played in the TV drama "George" his own father Heinrich, who has been controversial because of his acting career in the Nazi era.

"You've just always overtaken me. You were just always better obsessed" Götz George said in an ARD documentation in 2013 to the address of his dead father.  From the favorite role of the father, Goethe's "Götz von Berlichingen", he had incidentally also his first name.

He played the concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele ( "Nothing but the Truth") and one suffering from Alzheimer's driver ( "My Father"), a pickpocket ( "The Trio") and a blind piano teacher ( "The November Man"), an eco-activists ( "Lie on, darling") and a moribund prosecutor ( "night without morning").

Sometimes gruff, often uncomfortable

George liked to be himself. Sometimes gruff and often uncomfortable, he met his counterpart.  Whether it be in film and television journalists, fans and colleagues.  Shortly before his 75th birthday - nearly three years ago - there were so one of these special-George moments of casualness.

When seeing the movie "George" presented in Berlin, he was indeed ask podium, blared from the bent-nighters but every question mercilessly.  She was placed incorrectly, this he could not say anything at all and it was not the right person.  Point and thud.

Götz George was allowed that it had at times even.  Perhaps it was his destiny.  The multitalented actor used always his image as a roughneck - and the audience loved him for it.  Of course, who was for 32 years with abgewetztem Parka as Ruhrpott commissioner Horst Schimanski front of the camera, just had to be a guy who also offend.  So one can forgive that.

With the broken daredevils from Duisburg George wrote television history.  Unlike the distinguished, serene men, identified in German Cops before and beside him, he played first time in 1981 a brash cop who goes with casual comments, hard fights and plenty of beer on a manhunt.  "What do you quatschst me so daft, you philistines, just because I 'ne flag?", His opponent snapped the attractive Commissioner at once.

Ambition, playfulness, incredible vitality

29 "Schimmi" episodes ran 1981-1991 under the ARD crime series "Tatort".  Twice he had seen in the movies and 1997 dedicated the first of his successful hero own series with the cult Logo "Schimanski".  He was indeed now retired and had a gear connected, but still a street sweeper.  Only the first episode "The squadron" saw almost 13 million people.  In 2013 deadline was then so, after 48 episodes.

Nevertheless, George has never liked Never push in the drawer Crime.  With ambition, enthusiasm and incredible vitality he made his mark in his long career as one of the most versatile German actor.

The Media George had a tense relationship despite his success;  television, he accused time to look "only on coal and rate".  Legendary "Wetten, dass ..?" His Zoff with Thomas Gottschalk's TV broadcast 1998. The 1a-Mime accused the 1a-Moderator ignorance and called him a "schoolmaster", the audience booed.  Genuine emotions or staging?  Almost no matter in any case it was pure George.  Although five years later a highly effective reconciliation was, Georges criticism was quite serious.

2014 awarded the Federal Cross of Merit

He was only charged in Germany for work and taxes, as he once said.  Otherwise, he retired with his more than 20 years his junior partner Marika Ullrich in his refuge in Sardinia back. Headlines made a terrible swimming accident in 1996 and heart surgery of 2007.

2014 Götz George was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.  In July George would have been 78 years old.

Two years ago, he had declared that he wished to withdraw largely after 65 years of work from the play store.  "I would like to 65 busy years Feierabend make," said the then 76-year-old the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung".  It was just too much stress.  So he went to the public rarely, turned only slightly, filling yourself a wish: "On the stage, as it always is with actors, I will not surely die."

2015 he was then for the last time before the camera: In the ARD crime drama "Bad Weather" He played a mining baron - not in the Ruhr area, but in the resin.  A broadcast date for the film is not yet known.

GEORGE, Götz (Götz Schulz)
Born: 7/23/1938, Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Died: 6/19/2016, Germany

Götz George’s westerns – actor:
The Treasure of Silver Lake – 1962 (Fred Engel)
Frontier Hellcat - 1964 (Martin Baumann Jr.)
The Man Called Gringo – 1965 (Sheriff Mace Carson)
The Half-Breed - 1966 (Jeff Brown)
Auf den Spuren Winnetous – 2004 [himself]
Winnetou Trilogy (TV) – 2016

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