Sunday, June 5, 2016

RIP Harry G. Falk

Los Angeles Times
June 5, 2016

March 5, 1933 - April 29, 2016 TV and Film Director Harry G Falk passed away April 29th in Santa Monica. The son of former NYPD officer turned gaffer, Harry Falk, Sr. from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, Harry began his career as a property master and Assistant Director on commercials, He also worked his way up as an AD on Sidney Lumet's films "Fail-Safe" and "12 Angry Men." In addition, he worked with Elia Kazan on "Baby Doll." In relocating to "the Coast" he began as AD with series like "The Patty Duke Show" and "The Defenders." His first solo directing opportunity came in 1966 from his beloved friend and mentor, Bob Sweeney, who produced "The Patty Duke Show." When the star first saw Harry across the room, she told her make-up artist "I'm going to marry that man." And Patty Duke became his wife for 5 years.

He began directing television series in the mid-1960s, and his credits included, "The Doris Day Show," "Get Smart," "The Flying Nun," "Magnum P.I.," "Owen Marshall, M.D." "The Rockford Files," and "The Streets of San Francisco," to name a few. He directed over 200 television and mini-series, including "The Abduction of Saint Anne", "Centennial," "Beulah Land," His last feature length film was "High Desert Kill". Beloved by his cast and crew alike, Harry had an efficient, productive, creative, humorous set and was proud of shooting 6 days in 5. "Everyone works better with 2 days off" He lived life his way; uncompromising, unerringly funny, deeply sensitive. He was a shy, irresistible Brooklyn Irish Catholic, a tough street guy disguised by a boyish, engaging, charm that won over his stars, such as Barbara Stanwyk, John Forsythe and Charlton Heston, who'd said that Harry was the best director he'd ever worked with in TV. For his work on "The Streets of San Francisco," Harry was nominated for an Emmy Award and a DGA Award for his work on the series. He also received an NAACP award for his movie-for-television, "The Sophisticated Gents." Harry is survived by his wife of 27 years, Candace Falk, his daughter, Sena Falk, 23, of Palm Springs, CA and a nephew, Kerac Falk (Sean Chappell) of New York City, nephews Rick Falk and Frank Ladiera, niece, Linda (Frank) Terricino and her daughter Michelle, sister-in-law, Marion Falk, all of Florida and many cousins. He is preceded in death by his younger brothers, Thomas Falk, an actor/screenwriter, and Richard Falk, a gaffer, and his parents Harry, Sr. and Mildred Falk. Memorial Services will be held on July 16th at 11:00 AM at Pierce Bros Westwood Memorial Park. Donations may be sent to the Director's Guild Foundation (310) 234-2038

FALK, Harry G.
Born: 3/5/1933, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 4/29/2016, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.

Harry Falk’s westerns – director:
Alias Smith and Jones (TV) – 1971
Centennial (TV) – 1979
How the West Was Won (TV) - 1979
Beulah Land (TV) – 1980
The Yellow Rose (TV) – 1983, 1984
Davy Crockett: A Letter to Polly (TV) - 1989

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