Wednesday, June 8, 2016

RIP Tanju Gursu

By Hürriyet Haber
June 7, 2016

The famous actor Tanju Gürsu jas died. One of the memorable Yeşilçam'ın player Tanju Gürsu who lost his 77-year life. Tanju Gürsu famous actor was taken to intensive care due to respiratory failure.

The unforgettable actor Tanju Gürsu of the Turkish cinema, closed his eyes after 77 years to life due to respiratory failure. At the FSM Hospital the famous actor died of 16:00. Tanju Gürsu's funeral will be held on Thursday at the Tesvikiye Mosque after noon prayers, he will be buried at the Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

Tanju Gürsu located a Yeşilçam' worked together with Sultan Turkan Soray on many projects, he expressed his regret over the death of a close friend in social media accounts: "We lost our very favorite Tanju Gürsu. My grief will always live forever ... with movies. Cementing suffering from a scene"

Tanju Gürsu, life with Mediha Gursu produced 3 girls and 2 boys. He was born in Trabzon in 1938 in the İskenderpaşa neighborhood. He graduated from Trabzon High School. In 1962, won the Voice Magazine's contest, he started in theater as an actor, he has appeared in many films and television series. After his film days he entered into establishing a production company business has also has written three screenplays and has directed five films.

He won the Golden Orange for the movie Gursu in 1997, arguably in the Isle of Dogs film was awarded once again the Award for Best Actor. Gursu, also for nearly a year between 1998-99 was and Administrator as he served as Vice President of Technical Issues. Gürsu was married to Ayla, and his two sons are named Kerem and Emre.

GURSU, Tanju
Born: 10/27/1938, Trabzon, Turkey
Died: 6/7/2016, Istanbul, Turkey

Tanju Gursu’s western – actor:
Devlerin intikami - 1967

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