Monday, July 18, 2016

RIP Carlos Cardán

Actor Carlos Cardán has died

His works are unforgettable in melodramas as "Muchachitas", "I buy that woman", "Fire in the Blood," "The white and black", "North of the heart" and "La Chacala"

El Universal

Mexican actor Carlos Cardan, who excelled as a villain in countless telenovelas, died today at age 83 of unknown causes.

He died at 6:30 pm on Sunday, he told Notimex staff of the House of Actor, where he lived.  There he devoted himself to painting and exhibiting his paintings.

His body is veiled in room 40 of a funeral Sullivan Street in this city.  At noon on Monday they will officiate at Mass in his honor and then move his remains to cremation.

Carlos Lopez Figueroa was his real name.  He was born on November 3, 1932 in Ciudad Lerdo, Durango.

50 years ago began his career as an actor and in that time participated in more than 150 productions in film, television and videohome.  His first job was in 1966 through the movie "The scapular" and on television with "The Constitution" (1970).

His works are unforgettable in melodramas as "Muchachitas", "I buy that woman", "Fire in the Blood," "The white and black", "North of the heart" and "La Chacala".  His most recent work was in one of the episodes of the series "Killer Women".

In theater he highlighted as part of the works: "Paraphrase Othello," "Swan Song," "Uncle Vanya" and "Let's tell lies".

External recently the desire to return to work and wanted to call the producer Juan Osorio.  In his profile of Facebook page sees Carlos Cardan reclining on a bed with a cigarette in his left hand.

Last June 10 was admitted to the Rome Angels Hospital for health complications, but three days later he was discharged.

CARDAN, Carlos (Carlos Lopez Figueroa)
Born: 11/3/1932, Ciudad Lerdo, Durango, Mexico
Died: 7/17/2016, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Carlos Cardan’s westerns – actor:
La noche del halcon – 1968
Los amores de Juan Charrasqueado – 1968 (Fernando Morales)
Por mis pistolas – 1968 (Frank)
El hombre de negro – 1969 (Esbirro de Jim)
El asesino enmascarado – 1970 (Commissioner Ponciano Mendez)
Pancho Tequila - 1970
La mula de Cullen Baker - 1971
Los desalmados - 1971
Nada de fieras – 1971
Todo el horizonte para morir - 1971
Pistolero del diablo – 1974 (Mike Nolan)
En defense propia – 1977
Matar por matar - 1979
Con la muerte en ancas – 1980 (Billy Morgan)
A Real Man – 1983 (Braulio Gomez)
Forajidas en la mira - 1985
Juan Nadia – 1990
Testigo silenciosa - 1992

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