Monday, July 11, 2016

RIP Emma Cohen

El Pais
July 12, 2016

Actress Emma Cohen dies at 69

The theater director died from cancer

Emmanuela Beltrán Rahola actress, known as Emma Cohen (Barcelona, ​​1946), died Monday at age 69 of cancer. The also theater director and screenwriter, the widow of Fernando Fernan Gomez, died at her home in the residential area of ​​Ciudad Santo Domingo (Madrid), home she had shared with the actor and where she was still living.

Emma Cohen studied law in Barcelona when she became interested in the theater. She connected there with a group inoculated with similar concerns. "There were Mario Gas, Carles Velat, Carlos Trias, Gustavo Hernandez, Cristina Fernández Cubas ... I call Cursed With them I realized that apart from being a lawyer - which was like a predestination, because they were my parents wishes and one of my sisters was studying to be - could aspire to other things. I discovered Faulkner and Artaud, I who until then had read Corsaire and Alice in Wonderland, and little else. We did theater ", she recounted in an interview with El Pais in 1983.

"Making radio theater is open hedgehogs"

The actress also immersed herself in literature. At 36 she wrote her first novel, Toda la casa era una ventana. Her films include films like “Mambrú se fue a la Guerra” and “El viaje a ninguna parte”. As reported by EFE her friend, businessman and theatrical producer Cimarro Jesus, Cohen did not want a public funeral; so her burial and funeral will be held "in the strictest privacy".

COHEN, Emma (Emmanuela Beltrán Rahola)
Born: 11/21/1946, Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain
Died: 7/11/2016, Ciudad Santo Domingo, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Emma Cohen’s westerns – actress:
The Legend of Frenchie King – 1971 (Virginie)
Cut-Throats Nine – 1972 (Sarah Brown)
Spaghetti Western 1975 (Mary Ann Pulitzer)

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