Sunday, August 14, 2016

RIP Fabio Garriba

Farewell Fabio Garriba the film poet

By Angela Bosetto

Although the public, especially the young, know little about the actor Fabio Garriba was born in Soave on November 13, 1944 and died in Verona three days ago, on Aug. 9, he was one of the faces of Italian cinema of the seventies.

In addition to being Mario Garriba’s twin (Voice of the verb to die, 1970, and On his deathbed, 1971, Pardo d'Oro at work first at the Locarno Film Festival), Fabio Garriba starred, among others, for the Dziga Vertov Group (East Wind, 1969), Roberto Rossellini (Augustine of Hippo, 1972), Luigi Comencini (scientific scopone, 1972), Marco Bellocchio (Slap the monster on page One, 1972), Luigi Magni (the way of baboons , 1974), Bernardo Bertolucci (Novecento, 1976) and Ettore Scola (The Sun, 1980).  He was also assistant director Bertolucci (Partner, 1968, inspired by Dostoevsky's The Double), Pier Paolo Pasolini (Porcile, 1969), Carmelo Bene (Caprices, 1969) and Marco Ferreri (The bitch, 1972).

In 2011, at the Venice Film Festival in Venice paid tribute to the brothers Garriba (nicknamed "the Woody Allen of Campo de 'Fiori") within the retrospective "Horizons 1960-1978", where, along with the works of Mario, was screened also a short film written and directed by the same Fabio (who has also worked as a scriptwriter with Nico Garrone, father of Matthew director): the relatives all (1967), in which a boy imagines himself to be dead and to hear comments from family and friends.  "This ambiguity reflects my real situation," said Fabio Garriba.  "It was that of a personal need to see dead and buried my childhood, my adolescence and thus close relationships with family members to be able to resurrect adult.  Today, a year later, I can say sincerely that the loaded cash on hearse was empty because I find myself still wearing my corpse in search of a pit where to bury him. "

It must not be forgotten Garriba had a parallel career as a poet.  In the presentation of his latest collection (The hassle of words, whose cover is credited as Garribba), his friend Bernardo Bertolucci's described him as "accurate and ironic as the portraitist who is not actually because Fabio is a true poet.  The verses of Fabio fall on the page as droplets and is a miracle if you do not cancel by themselves, while we are reading them. " The funeral will be held this morning at 8 am at the Monumental Cemetery.

Born: 11/13/1944, Soave, Verona, Veneto, Italy
Died:  8/9/2016, Verona, Veneto, Italy

Fabio Garriba’s westerns – assistant director, actor:
Django’s Cut Rate Corpses – 1971 [as Garriba Fabio]
The Grand Duel – 1971 [assistant director]
Now They Call Him Amen – 1972

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