Sunday, August 14, 2016

RIP José Luis Santos

The great actor José Luis Santos has died

The interpreter died in Madrid at age 62 as a result of cancer

El Pais
By Rosanna Torres
August 11, 2016

If there is something that no one disputes the theater and Spanish cinema is the degree of excellence of its supporting actors, also misnamed side.  One of those, José Luis Santos (Madrid, 1953) has died of cancer on Wednesday at his home and was cremated yesterday the cemetery of San Isidro in Madrid.  In this city he practiced his craft as an actor for several decades although his student beginnings led him by territories in the world of physics, as well as the field of computer and information science.  He was a brilliant executive of IBM who became fascinated by the theater coming to give a Copernican turn your whole life.  He joined the office of showbiz and took it as seriously as to study at the School of Dramatic Art.

While he was popular for his role in multiple television series like Velvet , Victor Ros, Isabel, The ship, Aida, Cuéntame , Love is forever, Commissioner, and many others, prestige came through the scenarios.  More specifically, for their continued and bright presence in the National Classical Theatre Company , claimed by the different directors who have been at the forefront, especially at the stage of Eduardo Vasco, who transited through the verses of Lope de Vega, Calderon, Tirso de Molina, Rojas Zorrilla.  They directed it in Baroque theater Laila Ripoll, Helena Pimenta, Sergi Belbel.

Other stage directors who told him to put on contemporary classics foot and texts of new playwrights were Lluís Pasqual , Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente, Nancho Novo, José Carlos Plaza , Clifford Williams, Francisco Suarez, Eusebio Lazaro and Quino Falero, between others.  His latest stage work was Dreams and visions of King Richard III, a version of José Sanchis Sinisterra with Juan Diego and directed by Carlos Martin.

In film he worked under the orders of Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez, Fernando Fernan Gomez , Adolfo Aristarain, Mario Camus, Antonio Mercero, Miguel Albaladejo, Mariano Barroso, Agustín Díaz Yanes and Inaki Dorronsoro, among many others.

Much loved by his profession, Santos noted for his almost constant good humor, which also turned easily in acidic and intelligent weapon.  His character was particularly welcome in dressing rooms, in rehearsals and tours, which highlighted its well educated palate and taste for good wines.

Scenic profession always stressed its good performance when working, and although never entrusted to leading roles in their territory actor was highly regarded by the directors and the public always noticed and highlighted the way to work.

SANTOS, José Luis
Born: 1953, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Died:  8/10/2016, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

José Luis Santos’ western – actor:
The Return of the Coyote - 1998

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