Saturday, September 24, 2016

RIP Ann Smyrner

Hanne Smyrner was born Rohde Nielsen on November 3, 1934, but changed her name in 1947. She was the daughter of Gerd Henriette Poulsen and Paul Smyrner who was an actor at the Aarhus Theatre. Anne was "discovered" in 1950 by talent scouts, like Vivi Bach, Anette Strøyberg and Evy Nordlund. Her film career was abroad in Germany. Before that she took acting classes at the Aarhus Theatre School 1955-1956 and made her debut as Gulnare in "Aladdin", where she received mixed reviews from the critics. Hanne Smyrner was employed by the theater until 1957 and was then given a 5-year contract with Deutsche Film Hansa. She made the front page of many German newspapers and magazines and recorded in Germany under the stage name Ann Smyrner. Hanne Smyrner resided in Munich and lived several years in Lugano, Switzerland. She became a star in 72 films of varying quality in Germany, France, Italy and the United States. In 1961, she appeared in the movie "Reptilicus" but did not continue her career in Danish films. She also starred in the very first episode of the German series "Kommisære". In 1970 she became sick and was hospitalized and was almost immediately forgotten as soon as she was outside the limelight. After the illness she stopped her film career and moved home to her parents hous in Skåde near Aarhus. In the 1970s she became concerned with the spiritual world and became a believer without joining a particular faith. She was among others inspired by the Swedish philosopher Emmanuel Swedenborg. For a period of time she was a keen supporter of Satanism. She lived for many years writing and giving lectures and published a book of devotions, which she preached on the radio. Hanne Smyrner also delivered a series of feature articles for various newspapers including Ekstra Bladet and Politiken. In the feature philosophy articles she often wrote about life, death, family and faith - often based on the many experiences she'd had traveling on distant continents. After her father's death in 1978, she continued to care for her mother and they stayed together moving to Andalusia Spain in 1987, where Hanne Smyrner lived until her death on August 29, 2016.

SMYRNER, Ann (Rohde Nielsen)
Born: 11/3/1934, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Died: 8/29/2016, Andalusia, Spain

Ann Smyrner’s western – actress:
Beyond the Law – 1967 (Betty)

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