Monday, October 31, 2016

RIP Imre Józsa

24 Hu

Imre Józsa has died

The actor was 62 years old, has long suffered from a serious illness. Józsa Imre was born in Budapest on 18 March 1954. He received a degree from The Theatre and Film Academy in 1978. Then contracted at the Attila József Theatre.

He appeared in theater and films, as well as being a voice actor whose voice was often heard. He was the Hungarian voice of Nicolas Cage, Chevy Chase and was the voice of South Park’s Mr. Garrison. About the role in an interview, he said: "According to the feedback, many people love South Park Garrison Lord of teachers as well. This role and genre is absolutely not my thing, but perhaps that's why the task is a challenge. "

The actor won the Jászai Mari Prize in 1988, and was awarded in 1997 the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Small Cross. (MTI)

Born: 3/18/1954, Budapest, Hungary
Died: 10/30/2016, Budapest Hungary

Imre Józsa’s westerns – voice dubber:
Santa Fe Trail – 1940 [DVD Hungarian voice of Ronal Reagan]
Last Train from Gun Hill – 1959 [DVD Hungarian voice of Earl Holliman]
Bienvenido Padre Murray – 1964 [1989 DVD Hungarian voice of Rene Munoz]
And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars – 1968 [Hungarian voice of unknown actor]
Oklahoma Crude – 1973 [1981 Video Hungarian voice of Harvey Jason]
Don’t Touch the White Woman – 1974 [Hungarian voice of Ugo Tognazzi]
The White, the Yellow, the Black – 1975 [Hungarian voice of Tomas Milian]
Glory – 1989 [Hungarian voice of Jihmi Kennedy]
Dances With Wolves – 1990 [Hungarian voice of Kevin Costner]
City Slickers – 1991 [Hungarian voice of Billy Crystal]
Four Eyes and Six Guns (TV) – 1992 [Hungarian voice of Judge Reinhold]
City Slickers 2 – 1994 [Hungarian voice of Billy Crystal]
The Adventures of Huck Finn – 2012 [Hungarian voice of unknown actor]

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