Friday, October 28, 2016

RIP Manuel Bellido

October 7, 2016

Manuel Bellido has died

Today, October 7th, Bellido passed.

A prolific dubbing director and actor, Manuel was also involved in teaching; however, we will surely agree that the most valuable lesson that our colleague conveyed to the world in recent years had nothing to do with the music stands.

But perhaps the dubbing rooms themselves exert on it a revitalizing effect multiplier tenacity, optimism and bulletproof smile, always topped with a laugh that actually was thunder. What a guy!

Well this is how we will remember you, Manolo.

Until always.

BELLIDO, Manuel (Manuel Bellido Milla)
Born: 19??, Spain
Died: 10/7/2016, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Manuel Bellido’s westerns – voice actor:
The Virginian (TV) – 1969 [Spanish voice of Hal Baylor]
Last of the Comanches – 1990 [Spanish voice of George Mathews]
Santo Bugito (TV) – 1996 [Spanish voice of Cheech Marin]
Zorro – 1998 [Spanish voice of Sergeant Garcia]
Deadwood (TV) – 2004-2006 [Spanish voice of Ralph Richeson, Pruitt Taylor Vince]
Hondo (DVD) – 2007 [Spanish voice of James Arness]

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