Friday, November 18, 2016

RIP Juan Amorós

The director of photography, Juan Amorós has died

Academia de las Artes y las Cinematograficas de Espana

The director of photography, Juan Amorós has died

El juego del ahorcado (The Hangman) was the last film in which he worked this representative of the School of Barcelona operator and member of the Academy of Cinema

Cinematographer Juan Amoros, with celluloid in his veins and above all always feeling like a cameraman, died last Tuesday in Madrid, at 80 years old. El juego del ahorcado by Manuel Gomez Pereira, with whom he collaborated on numerous occasions, was the last film in which this technician worked, who at 11 years of age was already walking through the corridors of the NO-DO and, two years later, was walking around his neighborhood on Sundays with a camera to practice.

Which during the second half of the sixties was the most representative of the School of Barcelona, a group of the creative foundations of cinema in Catalonia operator, lived the early stages of implementation of TVE and participated in more than 80 films (Ditirambo, Morbo, Fanny Pelopaja,  Padre nuestro, Sé infiel y no mires con quién, Tiempo de silencio, El año de las luces, Esquilache -que le valió la nominación al Goya–,  Cuernos de mujer, Cha cha cha, Desde que amanece apetece….).

Born in Barcelona in 1936, Amorós, who was a member of the Association of Cinematographic Photography Authors (AEC) and the Academy of Cinema, was a lover of the camera and, like Godard, thought that movement and framing were an issue Moral, as recorded in the 'Dictionary of Spanish Cinema' of the Academy.

AMOROS, Juan (Juan Amorós Andreu)
Born: 6/10/1936, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Died:  11/16/2016, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Juan Amorós’ western – cinematographer:
The Sons of Trinity – 1995

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