Thursday, November 3, 2016

RIP Karl-Heinz Oppel

Karlheinz Oppel - Egons German voice is dead

Olsen Banden Fan Club

His voice was unmistakable and his fans were firmly attached to Egon Olsen. As his family informed us today, Karlheinz Oppel passed away on 27 October 2016 at the age of 91 years. This is not only a fantastic synchronsprecher from us, but also a popular actor and cabaret artist at the Berliner Distel. The funeral will take place in the closest family circle, with the exclusion of the public.

Karlheinz Oppel worked in the DEFA Studio for synchronization on the German language version of all Olsenbandenfilme. In the first and second film he spoke on the role of Commissioner Mortensen. Only from the third film - "The Olsen Gang in Jutland", he assumed the role of Egon Olsen and until 14 and last film. Karlheus Oppel's family was also involved in the synchronizing work. His wife Rosemarie Oppel, for example, was involved in the German dialogue of the 6th and 7th films and was the sole author of the 9th film. In the 7th film she also had a small synchrony role as Egon's secretary at the end of the film. Also the son Sebastian Oppel took over in the 3rd film once the synchronous role of Børge.

Many would not be aware of how many films such as Forrest Gump (as Stanley Loomis), Star Wars (as Rune Haako), the planet of the monkeys (as Zaius) ), Cloud Atlas (as Mr. Meeks / Old Salty Dog / Prescient 1), and the Louis de Funes film Balduin, the dry swimmer (as André Castagnier). There are countless TV series, including Scrubs, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (as Carl Zeemo), and Dr. House (as Maurice).

Not to mention his contribution to the Danish TV series "Oh, these tenants!" , Where he also synchronized Ove Sprogøe, here in the role of a habit-offender Larsen (episode 29-48).

Karlheinz Oppel was born in Dresden on December 16, 1924, and lived in Berlin until the end. Privately, he led a very retired life and was reluctant to take center stage. In the name of all Olsenbanden fans we bow in gratitude before his life work.

OPPEL, Karl-Heinz
Born: 12/16/1924, Dresden, Saxony, Germany
Died: 10/27/2016, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Karl-Heinz Oppel’s westerns – voice actor:
Dundee and the Culhane (TV) – 1967 [German voice of Eddie Baker, Cyril Delevanti]
Shanghai Noon – 2000 [German voice of Melvin Skales]

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