Monday, December 19, 2016

RIP Gordie Tapp

Canadian entertainer Gordie Tapp dead at 94

Host of CBC show County Hoedown, Tapp was iconic Canadian performer.

CBC News
December 19, 2016

Canadian entertainer and longtime CBC broadcaster Gordie Tapp died Sunday at 94.

He was living in Burlington, Ont., at the time of his death.

Born in 1922 in London, Ont., Tapp was once described as the "world's finest storyteller." His career took him from Guelph to Hamilton to Toronto and then to Nashville, Tenn.

He worked with the CBC for 13 years, hosting the show Country Hoedown.

Tapp lived in LaSalle retirement home in Burlington Ont., with his wife Helen, and was still performing up to weeks before he died.

His death was confirmed long time family friend Carol Thomas and by Smith Funeral Home in Burlington. No arrangements have been announced.

Gordie is survived by his wife Helen, and his three children, Jeoff, Kate and Joan.

TAPP, Gordie
Born: 6/4/1922, London, Ontario, Canada
Died: 12/18/2016, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Gordie Tapp’s western – actor:
Wild Horse Hank – 1979 (Salty)

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  1. Can't find a contact option so will post this here. Kevin O'Morrison died last week aged 100 according to a tweet from someone claiming to be a nephew. He was in Lightning Jack. Thanks