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RIP Jean Claude Deret

Death of Jean-Claude Deret, writer Thierry La Fronde

By Armelle Heliot
December 13, 2016

Comedian, lyricist and interpreter of insolent and tender songs, the father of Zabou Breitman died at the age of 95 years.  We had seen him again at the Poche-Montparnasse.  His family and friends will say goodbye Saturday December 17th at the Père-Lachaise.

 "We can do everything.  All.  We must be convinced, "he said to his daughter Isabella.  He was a tender, profound, malicious, and highly cultivated man. Jean-Claude Deret passed away in peace, after a long life entirely devoted to enchant the lives of others.

 He was an imaginative and poetic spirit, distant from any ambition of noisy success, a very original and endearing being.

 After the war, Claude Breitman, born on July 11, 1921, in a family of the secular Russian bourgeoisie of Jewish culture, a scholarly family - one of his grandfathers was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst - chose a stage name: Jean -Claude Deret.  He had seen one of his ancestors deported.  He was suffering from a certain antisemitic atmosphere.  And he was not wrong because years later, Zabou had to wipe away the odious remarks of a producer.

 In his family, we make music, we sing.  After the war, Jean-Claude Deret wrote his first texts, composed the music and interpreted it in the cabarets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, notably at the Rose Rouge.  He is a singer-songwriter, but also an actor.

 The beautiful province

 Jean-Claude Deret is the author of the original idea of ​​"Thierry La Fronde", 52 episodes that will make France vibrate, dialogues.  Glory?  No.  He never looked for her

  In 1950, he decided to cross the Atlantic for Belle Province. In Quebec, he will become known as a sensitive and profound actor, at ease in very different registers, on television and in theater.

 It is there that he meets his wife, actress too.  They returned to France where Isabelle was born October 30, 1959. Jean-Claude Deret immersed himself in what will be a moment a comfortable life for the whole family: it creates Thierry La Fronde!  Ah!  Jean-Claude Drouot on horseback, ah!  The credits of Jacques Loussier, the jazzman from Algiers!  Jean-Claude Deret is the author of the original idea, the 52 episodes that will make France vibrate, dialogues.  Glory?  No.  He never looked for her.

 Isabelle, we already called Zabou in the family, little girl plays in Thierry La Fronde!  His parents settled near Blois, and in Saint-Gervais-la-Forêt, Jean-Claude Deret founded an amateur theater company, Le Théâtre du cercle.

 He writes books for the youth, notably polars, and continues to chisel his songs, often naughty.  Insolent and joyful songs that Zabou had assembled two years ago for a homage in his presence to this very poetic father.  He himself had sung.  It was in April, two years ago, in Poche-Montparnasse where Philippe Tesson hosted this delightful evening, with Vadim Sher on the piano and a whole bunch of friends to sing with Jean-Claude Deret his songs.

 From drawing to cooking

 Amusing texts, very well written, insolent, provocative cocooning, pretty melodies, he had talent Jean-Claude Deret.  He had been a fiery young man, he had become a charming old man with his hair, his beard, his white mustache, his high forehead, his deep, sparkling gaze, and his very well-timed voice.

 Zabou Breitman always remembered with tenderness his youth.  In 68, his parents are in the Latin Quarter.  She did not forget the Sorbonne and all the dreams and the sharing of then.  Her father influenced her a lot and taught her a lot from drawing to music (she often reminded her that she was listening, huddled under the piano, playing Chopin), from cooking to sewing, everything!  This does not prevent him from having also learned from his mother!

 When, later, Zabou writes her films, she sometimes does it with this beloved father, admired.  And Jean-Claude Deret has he participated in the scenario of Beautiful Memories and he plays in some films Zabou.

 Jean-Claude Deret continues to write.  Often for young audiences.  In 2006, Samuel its part in the island is played over a hundred times and named Molières.

 Saturday morning, December 17, at 10:00 am, at the Crematorium of Père-Lachaise, his family, his relatives, the large circle of his friends, will bid farewell.  There will be music, songs.  Everyone will have a tight heart.  But there will also be something of that particular joy that Jean-Claude Deret shared in chosen words and aerial music.

DERET, Jean-Claude (Claude Gilbert Breitman) 
Born: 7/11/1921, Paris, Île-de-France, France 
Died: 12/13/2016, Paris, Île-de-France, France

Jean-Claude Deret's westerns - writer, actor:
My Friend Winnetou (TV) – 1980 ((Napoleon Charbonneau) [also screenwriter]
Winnetou’s Return (TV) – 1998 [story idea]

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