Thursday, December 15, 2016

RIP Osiride Pevarello

Osiride Pevarello: cinema actor and stuntman so loved in Ostia has died

Quotidana od ellitorale

He first appeared in the world of cinema in 1949, with the film Il mulino del Po by Alberto Lattuada

He left a piece of himself in the Italian cinema, and a piece of Ostia for many.

Osiride Pevarello who died at 96 years was an Italian actor and stuntman, today he’s remember by many anecdotes related to his personality.

A descendant of a famous family of circus performers, Osiride was part of a large family, as many as 19 children.

In 1970 he appeared in "They Call Me Trinity", directed by Enzo Barboni.

He worked as an acrobat and stuntman, but also as an actor: its small bit parts and is known for his pairings with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill but also the films of Tinto Brass, his friend since the beginning of his career.  With him he turned the last film in 1998 "Monella".

In the book Ostia set naturale by Giulio Mancini the places of movie magic on the Roman coast and its artistic events are recounted.

His funeral will be held in the Church of Santa Monica in Ostia, Saturday, December 17, at 11.00.

Born: 7/26/1920, Montagnana, Veneto, Italy
Died: 12/15/2016, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Renzo Pevarello’s Westerrns – actor:
Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West – 1964 (saloon patron)
AdiĆ³s Gringo – 1965 (Ranchester cowboy)
Blood for a Silver Dollar – 1965
Two Sergeants of General Custer - 1965 (brawler)
Django Shoots First – 1966 (drunk)
The Hills Run Red – 1966
Sugar Colt – 1966 (saloon patron)
Thompson 1880 - 1966 (Augustine) [as Osiride Peverello]
Any Gun Can Play – 1967 (Montero henchman)
Bandidos – 1967 (saloon patron)
The Dirty Outlaws – 1967 (piano player)
Face to Face – 1967 (blacksmith of Willow Creek)
The Magnificent Texan – 1967 (Stark henchman)
Pecos Cleans Up - 1967
Professionals for a Massacre - 1967 (bandit in saloon)
Son of Django - 1967 (Bum)
2 RRRingos from Texas - 1967 (Sentenza Jane henchman)
Seven Pistols for a Massacre - 1967 (blacksmith)
The Two Faces of the Dollar - 1967 (bandit)
Up the MacGregors – 1967
Wanted – 1967 (hitman)
And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars - 1968
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone - 1968 (soldier)
Man Who Cried for Revenge - 1968
A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die – 1968 (Fuzzy)
Odia il prossimo tuo – 1968 (bearded gang member)
Run, Man, Run – 1968 (blacksmith of Burton City)
Shoot, Gringo... Shoot! 1968 (Fuertas) [as Armando Garcia]
Shotgun – 1968 (Juan)
Vengeance is Mine – 1968
And God Said to Cain – 1970 (Pedro)
The 5-Man Army – 1969 (bearded singing Mexican)
The Forgotten Pistolero – 1969 (hitman)
God Will Forgive My Pistol - 1969 (Clanton henchman)
The Stranger’s Gundown – 1969 (Nick/Fuzzy)
Chapaqua's Gold – 1970 (Jose Cordero)
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack – 1970 (Reverend's henchman)
Shango – 1970 (bandit)
They Call Me Trinity – 1970 (Gioele)
The Twilight Avengers – 1970 (saloon brawler)
The Unholy Four – 1970 (Flaming Bill)
The Ballad of Ben and Charlie – 1971 (brawler)
His Name Was King – 1971 (Benson henchman)
Trinity is STILL My Name! – 1971 (hitman)
Il venditore di morte - 1971 (goldminer)
Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons... Sons of God - 1972
Jesse & Lester, Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity – 1972 (outlaw)
Life Is Tough, Eh Providence? - 1972 (James)
A Man Called Amen – 1972 (townsman)
Man of the East – 1972 (saloon patron)
Panhandle .38 1972 (Joe)
Trinity and Sartana Are Coming - 1972 (Mexican soldier)
Two Sons of Trinity - 1972 (Chun Chin Champa henchman)
The Executioner of God - 1973
The Man with the Golden Winchester - 1973 (soldier)
Shanghai Joe – 1973 (False Teeth)
The Three Musketeers of the West - 1973 (fire eater)
Those Dirty Dogs – 1973 (soldier)
Carambola's Philosophy: In the Right Pocket – 1975 (photographer)
The Return of Shanghai Joe - 1975 (hitman)
Buddy Goes West – 1981 (Trash)

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