Friday, January 13, 2017

RIP Horacio Guarany

Horacio Guarany dies at the age of 91

The popular singer, owner of an extensive artistic trajectory, died of a cardiac arrest in his city, Luján

Horacio Guarany passed away to the 91 years.  This was confirmed by his manager, Ruben López, in social networks.

 "With deep pain I have to confirm that our teacher has gone to other celestial festivals . Thank you Guara for everything ," he wrote.  Then, in communication with Clarí, he reported that his departure had been " quiet , at peace and at home with his people", and that the reasons for his death had to do with "things of the age, added to the Diseases that accumulate over the years. "

 He also informed that by decision of his relatives there would be no public wake and that, at least for the moment, the intention is to do something more intimate .  On that plane, Kike Teruel, musician of Los Nocheros, confirmed that only a ceremony would be held for his relatives and close friends in Lujan , where Guarany had his house.

A little less than a year ago, the manager and representative of the singer and writer had revealed that Guarany suffered from chronic heart failure . "It is not yet to work, so we had to suspend the Fisherman and Jesus Maria and at the end of the month have a control in The Favaloro, "he had said last January.

In September of 2015, the singer was hospitalized of urgency in the Foundation Favaloro after a decompensation provoked by a heart failure.  "Horacio is a 90-year-old person who is very demanding and only being of that age makes it difficult for doctors to work with tranquility and wisdom," Lopez explained at the time.

Horacio Guarany was born on May 15, 1925 in Las Garzas, Santa Fe province, with the name of Eraclio Catalín Rodríguez .  At age 17 he settled in Buenos Aires with the project to succeed as a singer.  At the beginning of his career he played folklore, but also tangos and boleros, while earning his living as a stevedore in the port.

 At the age of 32 he published the first of the 57 albums that includes the career of one of the most popular folk artists;  A trajectory that had its apogee in the years '60 and '70, with its messages of protest and its vindication of the lives of the peones, the peasants and the swallow workers.

 He won 15 Gold Records and a dozen Platinum Records , and in 2005 won a Gardel Award.  Already in 1985 he had been honored with a Platinum Konex as the greatest male singer of folklore.

Clarification on the health of Horacio Guarany

 The singer remained active practically until a year ago.  In January of 2015 had acted in the Festival of Jesus Maria , although in 2016, for reasons of health, suspended its recital.

GUARRANY, Horacio (Eraclio Catalín Rodríguez Cereijo)
Born: 5/15/1925, Santa Fe, Argentina
Died: 1/13/2017, Luján, Argentina

Horacio Guarrany’s western – actor:
The Return of Martin Fiero - 1974

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