Friday, January 13, 2017

RIP John Siddall

John Siddall, art director on the Pink Panther series from the 1970s onwards, died in July 15, 2016.

Siddall started as an art director on the 1950s ‘William Tell’ TV series and entered the film industry as a draughtsman working on “Sink the Bismarck!”, “Lolita” and “The L-Shaped Room”, “The Black Torment” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”. As an assistant art director or art director he worked on “Madhouse”, “11 Harrowhouse”, “The Dogs of War”, “Champions” “Shanghai Surprise” and one Euro-western “Sky Bandits” (1986).

Born: 19??, U.K.
Died: 7/15/2016, Bushey, Hertfordshire, England, U.K.

John Siddall's western - art director:
Sky Bandits - 1986

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