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RIP Mary Menzies

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Mary Menzies passed away peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, in Burbank, CA,(after suffering a stroke). Mary was third of four children and born on February 15, 1929 in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents Albert and Ruth Menzies moved the family, Jack, Jim ,Mary and Bonnie to California via a three day bus ride. They were glad to leave the c old behind. Mary and her siblings were heading to Hollywood to work in the new entertainment industry. They were quite cute and talented and upon arriving in Los Angeles the children immediately landed child acting roles in 1930's movies. Mary took on small roles while excelling in her dance classes. After finishing high school, Mary became a much sought after ballet dancer for the stage and then movies. She danced in countless productions including "An American in Paris" in 1951 with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. Mary Menzies eventually opened her own Ballet studio in Burbank and taught ballet through the 60's and 70's. She also did commercials for "Rivera furniture". For some years, one of Mary's favorite hobbies was sketching portraits. She relished quiet time, reading and sketching.

Mary spent her life dedicated to her passion, dance. Her other commitment was the care of her mother and father. She helped her father, who at the age of 72 chose to convert to Catholicism. She took him to RCIA classes and witnessed his entry into the Faith.

Mary was also a savvy business woman, launching her own "Trim Tights Sauna Suit" manufacturing and distribution. She obtained her trademark in 1963 and many offered to buy that trademark, even Mr. Spandell of "Spandex". She and her mother ran the business for over 10 years in Burbank California. She developed and aired her own exercise TV show which was also distributed on records. Upon retirement after a life of dedicated to work in the Arts. Mary could still stand on her toes well into her 80's. She was able to tap dance at the age of 85 (on the kitchen floor) and amazed everyone with her flexibility and muscle extension.

Mary enjoyed family gatherings and loved children. She loved the antics of the kids and the music and singing. Her absolute favorite was coffee always noting it was her only addiction. She enjoyed Kentucky fried chicken, cherry pie and mashed potatoes more than any other food. In her later years, her two most enjoyable pastimes were watching EWTN programming (Father Spitzer's Universe) and of course TMC, the classic movies. She could name every actor and director out there, easily explaining the details of their work and who was who.
Mary was the sweetest most amiable of women. She never complained, never shared bad news and was always pleasant. She never spoke a bad word about anyone. Her best 2 words were "lovely" and "wonderful".
She always said she was fine, even in the hospital where she was dubbed a "tough cookie" by nurses and stood by her words when she spoke. Thanks to her niece Loretta, she received the sacrament of the sick, while in ICU. In her last week, having recovered much of her speech, she joked happily right up to March 8th, when she passed quietly in her sleep.

May the Lord hold Mary forever in his Love and eternally bless her. Her smile and kindly manner will be always missed. She will always be ON POINT.

MENZIES, Mary (Mary Rose Menzies)
Born: 2/15/1929, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Died: 3/8/2017, Burbank, California, U.S.A.

Mary Menzies’ western – actress:
The Half-Breed – 1952 (Can-Can Girl)

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