Wednesday, April 5, 2017

RIP Memè Perlini

Meme Perlini has died, a symbol of the avant-garde theater actor of 70 years

The actor, writer and director, both for the theater and the cinema. He suffered from depression and committed suicide

La Spettacoli
By Anna Bandettini
April 5, 2017

His body was found this morning in the courtyard of the building where he lived with a caretaker, through Principe Eugenio 32, in the Esquilino neighborhood in Rome. He threw himself from the fifth floor where his slippers were found, left there by the window sill. Meme Perlini, director, actor, writer, film and theater actor has died at the age of 69. He was sick inside and was suffering from depression for some time. That placid face turned, always a little 'ironic under his mustache and long black curls, which always gave the impression he was sad. For years, even in the world of theater, his world, Perlini was not seen and no longer felt. Today the sad news of his suicide came. A friend, Ulisse Benedetti, said: "His was suffering from severe depression, but he was being treated. He had the messy desk of" drugs. The date of the funeral has not yet been established, Benedetti says, because he expects the arrival in Rome of the sister of Perlini with his grandson: "They will decide what to do with Meme an important protagonist of the Italian theater."

The silence, the isolation of the last opaque years, do not forget what Memlin Perlini has been an important protagonist of the Italian theater and, for those who were young in the sixties-seventies something else, the soul of Italian theatrical experimentation, there was invented, innovated, changed. Perlini had been the heart of that beautiful and unique wave, that 'creative workshop', which was Rome after 1968 (and a film by Matteo Garrone, Roman Summer tells the souvenirs and epigones of the famous Roman wineries) When intersecting art and political motivations, anarcho-surrealist and existentialist aura, collective and individual joy to push, when opening spaces of creation like fungi, the beat of 72 years, Technical University, where Alberico Benigni began, and there were shows and exhibitions, Carmelo good and Schifano, Leo de Bernardinis and Rotella, Valentino Zeichen and Vasilicò, all the road companions together Perlini Di Pippo Marca, Dominot, Cosimo Cinieri, Simone Carella, Valentino Orfeo, Massimo Fedele, Alberto Di Stasio, Giancarlo Sepe, and after Of the very young Solari-Vanzi-Barberio Corsetti, Antonio Rezza, Ginacarlo Cauteruccio. And of course Giancarlo Nanni.

It was to take Nanni Perlini as an actor to Beat 72, where Meme also debuted as director with Pirandello quién? In '73, constituted as a provocation test in reality a reinterpretation of Pirandello, without the dust of an author who will remain a reference for Perlini. Also in '73 he founded the Teatro La Maschera with the painter and stage designer Antonello Aglioti, he will be his companion for years and the musician Alain Curran. These years are programs like Tarzan (1974), Amarillo Candor (1974), Otelo por qué?  (1975) en Romaña.

After the ever-present Mask with Aglioti, Perlini opens the legendary Pyramid Theater, in via Benzoni 53, under the Garbatella, where he made his best performances: The journey on Lake Constance Peter Handke, Aves Aristophanes, Shakespeare's Venetian merchant, Wedekind Spring Awakening, Heliogabalus. With Giancarlo Nanni is the most qualified, educated and intelligent artists of the so-called Roman vanguard, who has imposed his style on television (Cavalleria rusticana, 1981), in the cinema, his great love, where he was a popular actor (castañas buena Pietro Germi (1970 film debut), Giu la Testa by Sergio Leone (1971), la familia, Ettore Scola (1987), in 1987 by Carlo Mazzacurati in the la noche italiana and in 2000 in el lenguaje de la santa, Ignite Luigi Comencini in Eugene (1980) and also in the official theater that does not at all do the courtship.

Perlini had arrived in Rome in 1968 to study at the Academy of Fine Arts as an illustrator and designer. Of origins was Romagnolo. He was born in 1947 in Sant'Angelo in Lizzola December 8, 1947 to a family of owners of walks. From there with a mythological aura, he drew his love for the theater. In recent years little had been seen in the public arena. Among the last headlines to remember in 2004 Ardiente Paciencia Skármeta, even before his English dock back when Arnold Wesker, and was next to Claudia Cardinale in How do you want to Pirandello directed by Pasquale Squitieri, but dominated in the sense of his theater. Perlini has shown, honesty, intelligence as the game of illusion that can be changed, modified that traditional languages, how we can innovate and to speak in its time. For this we will remember you.

PERLINI, Meme (Amelio Perlini)
Born: 12/8/1947, Sant'Angelo in Lizzola, Marche, Italy
Died: 4/5/2017, Esquilino, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Meme Perlini’s westerns – actor:
Duck You Sucker – 1971 (peon)
The Grand Duel – 1972

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