Sunday, May 21, 2017

RIP Gunnar Möller

Junge Welt

With Gunnar Möller, one of the last German actors has died, whose career began in the 1930s. Born in Berlin-Neukölln in 1928, he was already an eleven-year-old in advertising films before the camera and quickly became a favorite child actor alongside Jenny Jugo and Heinrich George. In the Propaganda film "Junge Adler" the Halbschwede played a Napola pupil next to Hardy Krüger and Dietmar Schönherr. However, his attitude remained unpolitical. Thus he stood before 1950 in DEFA films (main role in "The Boys of the Kranichsee", 1950), but soon worked in the Westdeutschen film sector upwards. To this day, he remains as Andi in Kurt Hoffmann's nostalgic play "I often think of Piroshka" (1955) with Liselotte Pulver - it was his most popular role. As a character actor, he distinguished himself in foreign productions, such as the elaborately produced Czechoslovakian second-person "The Days of Treason" (1973), in which he embodied Adolf Hitler.

In 1979 he killed his wife in London during a dispute in London. After two years he was  released from custody, Möller could once again gain a foothold in film, television, radio and theater in the FRG. He married his longtime friend Christiane Hammacher and joined her successfully with Loriot's sketches. For his last film, Margarethe von Trotta brought him to the camera in 2015. In "The Lost World," the mid-easter completed a thrashing scene with Matthias Habich. As the European Cultural Workshop reported on her honorary member, he died on Tuesday after a serious illness at the age of 88 years.

MÖLLER Gunnar (Gunnar Thor Karl Möller)
Born: 7/1/1928, Berlin-Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
Died: 5/16/2017, Germany

Gunnar Möller’s western – actor:
Rosmarie kommt aus Wildwest – 1956 (Willy Sanders)

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