Monday, May 29, 2017

RIP Jean-Marc Thibault

Actor Jean-Marc Thibault is dead

Mainly known for his duet to the theater with Roger Pierre and for his role in the series "Maguy", the actor passed away Sunday in Marseille at the age of 93 years.


The comedian Jean-Marc Thibault, who has long formed with Roger Pierre one of the most famous comic duos of French theater, died Sunday May 28 in Marseille at the age of 93, announced his family to Agence France- Press (AFP).

 "He was a great father and man, an actor I loved a lot and who helped me a lot in my life ," said Alexandre Thibault, son of the comedian also known for his role in the television series Maguy .

 "A very popular actor has just left us, " said Culture Minister Françoise Nyssen.  "Jean-Marc Thibault had formed with Roger Pierre, for decades, one of the comic duos most appreciated by the French.  Their complicity worked wonders on stage and in movies, and on television screens, "she added in a statement.

Mimes and songs

Born on August 24, 1923 in Saint-Bris-le-Vineux, Yvonne, Jean-Marc Thibault grew up in Montreuil, Seine -Saint-Denis , then went to secondary school in Paris before joining the Simon course.  His school will be mostly the cabaret, next to Roger Pierre, met in the studios of Radio- Luxembourg .  In the aftermath of the Second World War, they began at the Caveau de la Republique and then at my cousin's and they would not leave each other for three decades.

The two fantasists combine texts, mimes and songs and use a multitude of accessories.  Their success led them into the whole of France.  Their popularity is still growing with the creation of variety programs for television, including "La Grande Farandole" and "Deux sur la 2".

Their association goes on in feature films for films such as La Vie est belle (1956), Vive les vacances (1958), Les Motards (1959), Enjoy the Friends (1969) or En grands pompes.  The duo, became very famous in the 1960s, separated in 1975, before reforming briefly in 1984 than again in 1990.

Jean-Marc Thibault also pursued a career as a soloist in the cinema, shooting in 70 films, and on television in particular from 1983 to 1994 in the famous series Maguy, which will earn him a great popularity with a younger audience.

Born: 8/14/1923, Saint-Bris-Le-Vineux, Yvonne, Bougogne, France
Died: 5/28/2017, Marseilles, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Jean-Marc Thibault’s western – voice actor:
Lucky Luke: The Ballad of the Daltons – 1978 [French voice of Dr. Aldous Smith]

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