Thursday, May 4, 2017

RIP Lukas Ammann

Actor Lukas Ammann die at the age of 104 years

The Swiss actor Lukas Ammann, who reached cult status with his role as a detective "Graf Yoster", is dead. The 104-year-old Ammann died in his Munich apartment on Wednesday, his close confidant Annemarie von Kienlin told the German press agency.

The series "Graf Yoster Gives Itself the Honor" with Ammann in the title role was first broadcast 50 years ago. They ran from 1967 to 1976, were shot 76 episodes - the first 24 episodes still black and white, then in color. "The series was a street sweep," Ammann recalled later. He enthused the audience. And was one of the first crime series on German television.

It gained great popularity for the actor born in Basel on 29 September 1912. Ammann played the serial noble from the first to the last episode. He formed a unique duo with Wolfgang Völz (now 86), embodied an aristocratic amateur detective and a Crimean hero. Völz was the chauffeur and servant with a criminal past.

TV comeback in the Black Forest

The series was a pioneer of many modern crime series. And coined the main actor, "Count Yoster accompanies me to this day," said Ammann in 2012, when he was 100 years old: "I am often referred to as a count." But the series also had disadvantages for him: "Wolfgang Völz quickly got other roles. I was a member of the count and was therefore not yet occupied for other films. "

The Swiss, who has been living in Munich for several decades, finally made a comeback in the Black Forest. From 1994 to 2000 he played in "Die Fallers", a television series of the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) which is still running today. Ammann was the first actor of the series and started from the beginning. In 249 episodes he played the black forest farmer Wilhelm Faller and thus the family leader.

Last days in Munich apartment

Just a few days ago the Bavarian Radio had begun to show the cult show "Count Yoster is the Honor" again. "The series now has a huge fan base," said a spokeswoman for the BR in Munich.

Ammann had lived in his home until the end, said von Kienlin, who for decades had been a close friend of the popular actor. "We were together every day, I have not left his side for a week."

Born: 9/29/1912, Basel, Switzerland
Died: 5/3/2017, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Lukas Ammann’s westerns – actor:
Day of Anger – 1967 (Judge Cutcher/Cutchell)

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