Tuesday, May 2, 2017

RIP Pierre Gaspard-Huit

Pierre Gaspard-Huit is dead, director of Capitaine Fracasse

Le Figaro
By Arthur Dubois

The filmmaker died Monday in Paris at the age of 99 years. He had received the Lumière Prize in 1950 had directed such actors as Louis de Funès or Jean Marais.

The filmmaker and screenwriter Pierre Gaspard-Huit, director of Captain Fracasse with Jean Marais, and who had also directed Romy Schneider and Alain Delon in Christine, died Monday, May 1 in Paris at the age of 99, it was announced Tuesday his friend The agent Jean-Pierre Noël. "He died this Monday, May 1st at 13:00 in Paris," said Jean-Pierre Noël, ex-agent of Pierre Gaspard-Huit's companion, actress Marie-Christine Demarest.

Born on November 29, 1917, Pierre Gaspard-Huit, whose real name was Jean Michel Pierre Gaspard-Huit, began a career as a filmmaker in the late 1940s, which led him to make fifteen films for the cinema and works for television, including the serial Paul and Virginie (1974).
A cape and sword film.

In the movies, he was the author of Sophie et le crime (1955) with Marina Vlady, Paris Canaille (1956) with Daniel Gélin, La Mariée est trop belle (1956) with Brigitte Bardot, Micheline Presle and Louis Jourdan or Christine ) With Romy Schneider, Alain Delon and Jean-Claude Brialy, before Shéhérazade (1963) with Anna Karina or A belles dents (1966) with Mireille Darc.

In 1961 he directed Le Capitaine Fracasse, a famous cape and sword film with Jean Marais, Philippe Noiret and Louis de Funès. This Franco-Italian film takes place in 17th-century France where a Baron decides to follow a theater company to Paris. But when one of the actors, Captain Fracasse, dies, the baron proposes to take his place and ends up confronting many enemies to save an actress of whom he is in love.

GASPARD-HUIT, Pierre (Jean Michel Pierre Gaspard-Huit)
Born: 11/29/ 1917,  Libourne, Gironde, France
Died:  5/1/2017, Paris, Île-de-France, France

Pierre Gaspard-Huitt’s western – director, writer:
The Leatherstocking Tales (TV) - 1969

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