Tuesday, June 27, 2017

RIP Federico Ribes

Death of the director of photography Federico Ribes
The Alicante worked in more than a hundred of films and in series like "The Prince" or "Cuéntame how happened"

Europe Press

The director of photography Federico Ribes died yesterday at the age of 65, as reported Monday by the Film Academy. Ribes (Alicante, 1952) has participated in more than one hundred titles and had a fiction for Telecinco, 'La verdad', as well as the film 'El collar de sal' by Vicente Pérez Herrero.

Among other films, he has worked on 'Los muertos no se sing, nene', and 'Don Mendo Rock ¿La venganza?', Both by José Luis García Sánchez; 'A house in the suburbs', by Pedro Costa; 'A clean shot' by Jesús Mora; And 'Spanish Soldadito' by Antonio Giménez Rico.

In addition, he also worked on several stories of Helena Taberna, such as 'Yoyes' or the documentary 'Foreign', and for Vicente Pérez Herrero, such as 'Bestiario', 'Mala muerte', 'Crustaceos', 'El colar de sal' 'Natural code'. In the year 2000 he won the Best Photography Award of the Malaga Film Festival for the latter title.

He was also director of photography for documentaries, short films and TV series such as 'El príncipe', 'Office shift: Ten years later', 'There is someone there', 'Cuéntame como pasado' or 'Imprescindibles'.

The television producer Plano a Plano, to which Ribes was professionally linked with 'El Principe' and 'La verdad', stressed that Ribes "always kept in his eyes the brilliance of the illusion of the first time he revealed a photograph and Saw the image and contrasts appear."

RIBES, Federico (Federico Ribes Ponsoda)
Born: 1952, Alicante, Alicante, Spain
Died: 6/25/2017, Alicante, Alicante, Spain

Federico Ribes’ western – cinematographer:
Outlaw Justice (TV) - 1999

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