Friday, June 16, 2017

RIP Gilberto Galimberti

Assistant director, stuntman, master of arms and actor Gilberto Galimberti has died in Rome, Italy on June 16th. He was 84.  Born in Rome on February 25, 1933, Gilberto was an expert in judo and debuted as a film actor in the early 1960s thanks to his acrobatics skills, which lead him to become one of the most important master of arms at that time. In 1976, together with some of his colleagues, he founded The Acrobat Cinematography Organization, which, among other things, dealt with Tomas Milian's films. Among the films in which he appeared the two Trinity films with the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, are best remembered. After taking part in over 180 films often being billed as Gil Roland, he concluded his career in the early 1990s. He had appeared in 43 Euro-westerns during his career.

Born: 2/25/1933, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Died: 6/16/2017, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Gilberto Glimberti’s westerns – actor, stuntman, mster of arms:
Hercules and the Treasure of the Aztecs - 1964 (Aztec)
Adiós Gringo – 1965 (Ranchester cowboy)
Gold Train – 1965 (cowboy)
Blood at Sundown – 1966 (Tim)
God Will Forgive My Pistol – 1966, 1969 (Ross)
Buckaroo – 1967 (Nash henchman)
Colt in the Hand of the Devil - 1967 (El Condor/Il Capataz henchman)
Days of Vengeance – 1967 (Butch henchman)
Death Sentence – 1967 (gunman)
Django Kills Silently – 1967 (brawler)
And Then a Time for Killing - 1968 (Trianas' right hand man)
Day After Tomorrow – 1968 (Espartero henchman)
Full House for the Devil – 1968 (Sean) [as Gill Roland]
Hate is My God – 1969 (Carter henchman)
If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death - 1968 (Lasky henchman)
Shotgun – 1968 (Kildare henchman)
Sabata – 1969 (Shotgun )
Apocalypse Joe - 1970 (Moe) [master of arms]
The Beast – 1970 (bandit)
Shango – 1970 (Martinez soldier)
They Call Me Trinity – 1970 (Major henchman)
The Unholy Four – 1970 (townsman)
A Man Called Django – 1971 (
The Masked Thief – 1971 (Collins) [as Gil Rolan]
The Return of Sabata – 1971 (circus man)
Trinity is STILL My Name – 1971 (poker player with eye patch)
Viva Django! - 1971
An Animal Called Man – 1972 (Joe)
A Bounty Killer in Trinity – 1972 (wagon guard)
Gunmen and the Holy Ghost – 1972 (the priest)
Life Is Tough, Eh Providence? - 1972 (Challenger’s henchman)
They Called Him Veritas - 1972
Trinity and Sartana Are Coming - 1972 (Willie)
The Two Sons of Trinity – 1972 (friar)
And They Smelled the Strange, Exciting, Dangerous Scent of Dollars - 1973 (Fernandez)
A Book of Dollars – 1973 (Catapult henchman) [as Gill Rolland]
Court Martial – 1973 (Smith henchman)
Fasthand is Still My Name – 1973 (Raul) [as Gill Rolland]
The Three Musketeers of the West – 1973
The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby – 1974 (bandit)
White Fang and the Hunter – 1975 (brawler)
Macho Killers – 1977 (deputy)
Arizona Road – 1991 (referee)

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