Saturday, June 17, 2017

RIP Marisa Marco

Marisa Marco is deceased

June 17, 2017

Marisa has left us. And although we know that she would reprimand us for coming here to talk about her, just as she dodged for years the photos, the interviews and any pretense of notoriety, we need not apologize, and that, from that space reserved for smokers somewhere They will have qualified for it, understand that we could not just say goodbye.

Because the actress leaves us: for some, the voice of Mary Ingalls, of the Jo of A man at home; For another generation, and always Corky Sherwood, Lilith Sternin, so many laughs ... But also the director: enjoyed, fun, laughing eagerly takes well-executed and worthy of his intelligent humor. And, above all, the companion and the friend: dear and admired. Admired and very dear.

Marisa, we are sure, wise and lucid as always, will have ordered a "tecito", will have lit a cigar, and looks at us already, mockingly and sympathetically, from some privileged viewpoint.

Until forever, my dear. You can not imagine how much we're going to miss.

All our love for her daughter and the little newcomer.

MARCO, Marisa (Maria Luisa Marco)
Born: 19??, Spain
Died: 6/17/2017, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Marisa Marco’s westerns – voice dubber:
Little House on the Prairie (TV) – 1974-1983 [Spanish voice of Melissa Sue Anderson]
Garringo – 1969 [1988 DVD Spanish voice of Maria Pia Conte, Fanny Grey]
Navajo Joe – 1966 [? DVD Spanish voice of Franca Polesello]

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