Tuesday, June 27, 2017

RIP Valentin Pimstein

Valentin Pimstein, dies, the creator of all the telenovelas you know


Among the 88 stories he produced are the acting discoveries of Lucía Méndez, Verónica Castro, Angelica Aragón, Edith González and Victoria Ruffo.
Soap opera producer Valentín Pimstein died on Tuesday at 91, due to respiratory arrest. He is considered "The father of the rose novel", because most of his stories were about love.
In the 1980s, he launched the careers of actresses Lucía Méndez, Verónica Castro, Angélica Aragón, Edith González and Victoria Ruffo, who were the protagonists of their telenovelas such as The Rich Also Cry, Colorina, Soledad, The Home I Robbed, Vanessa, Chispita, Bianca Vidal, Amalia Batista, La Fiera, Living a little, Monte Calvario, Wild rose and Carousel.
In the 1990s he produced telenovelas Simply María, La pícara soñadora and María Mercedes , part of the famous trilogy starring Thalia.

He was born in Chile, in a Russian-Jewish family, her mother was an assiduous consumer of radionovelas and Mexican cinema, which marked the life since small of Valentin.
Upon reaching the age of majority, Pimstein left his native country and arrived in Mexico, where he became assistant director of Televisa (formerly Telesistema Mexicano) and later became a producer thanks to Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, who gave him all his confidence.
His first novel was Gutierritos, considered an icon in the history of the novels for being the second telenovela produced in Mexico in 1958 for Telesistema Mexicano.
In 1994, he assumed the position of Vice President of Telenovelas in Televisa, where he supervised the work of a group of young producers, who nowadays occupy prime time: Juan Osorio Ortiz, Pedro Damián, Angelli Nesma Medina, José Alberto Castro, Lucero Suárez, Salvador Mejía, Nicandro Díaz González and Ignacio Sada.
His famous phrase: "The only thing that has continuity is the costumes", disturbed all the protagonists, after that it will take from the soap opera the own protagonist Lucía Méndez.
In 1997, he left Televisa. From that moment, and until today, he alternated residences between Chile, Spain and the United States.
Just a few days ago, the book "Valentín: una vida de telenovela" was written by the journalist Tere Vale, which portrays how his work marked a "before and after transforming this genre into a reflection of the passions of several generations of viewers."

Actress Verónica Castro reacted through her Instagram account to mention the producer: "Thank you #ValentinPimstein for making us dream about your soap operas and work," she wrote.

He is survived by his wife Victoria Ratinoff, and their three children, Victor, Veronica and Viviana.

PIMSTEIN, Valentin (Valentin Pimstein Weiner)
Born: 8/9/1925, Santiago, Chile
Died: 6/27/2017, Santiago, Chile
Valentin Pimstein’s westerns – producer, production manager:
La cama de piedra – 1958 [producer]
Cuando se quiere se quiere – 1959 [producer]
Stray Bullet – 1960 [production manager]

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