Tuesday, July 11, 2017

RIP Fikret Hakan

Renowned Turkish actor Fikret Hakan passes away at 83

Hurriyet Daily News
July 11, 2017

Fikret Hakan, a renowned Turkish stage and screen actor, has died aged 83 in Istanbul on July 11. 
The actor’s management said the Hakan had passed away in hospital where he had been receiving treatment for lung cancer.       

Born in the northwestern region of Balıkesir in 1934, Bumin Gaffar Çıtanak -- Hakan's birth name -- was also a journalist and broadcaster.       

He began his career in 1950 as an actor for the Ses (Voice) Theatre.       

After three years, Hakan had his first screen role in the 1953 film Köprüalti Çocukları (Kids Under The Bridge).       
Performing in hundreds of soap operas and starring in close to 200 motion pictures, he also directed four films, three of which written by himself, some of which were award-winners.     

He starred in films including 1962’s Yilanlarin Ocu (Revenge of the Snakes ), Keşanlı Ali Destanı (The Ballad of Ali of Keshan) in 1964 and 1966’s Ölüm Tarlasi (The Death Field). 
Hakan also wrote books such as Tellak Ali (Masseur Ali) in 1953, Hamal’ın Uşaklari (The Butlers of Hamal) in 1997, and collections of poetry, including Ince Müzikli Otobüsler (The Busses with Light Music) and İmbikci Duvar (The Imbibing Wall).     

HAKAN, Fikret (Bumin Gaffar Citanak)
Born: 4/23/1934, Balikesir, Turkey
Died: 7/11/2017, Istanbul, Turkey

Fikret Hakan’s westerns – actor:
Devlerin Intikami – 1967
Ölümsüzler 1969 (Emiliano)

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