Tuesday, August 22, 2017

RIP Margot Hielscher

August 22, 2017

The screen diva is dead!

She participated twice in the Grand Prix, had her own talk show and was considered one of the last German divas.  Now Margot Hielscher has slept peacefully at the age of 97.

There are only a few German ladies who can be called Film Diva. Margot Hielscher was one of them.  She began as a costume designer in the pre-war period, was discovered by a director and immediately committed to "The Heart of the Queen" (1940).  In the Second World War she was one of the most popular German actresses, playing in her 60 films and about 200 TV productions.

 Two great loves: her husband and the music

Her passion for music was discovered by the Berlin woman in the post-war period, when she repeatedly presented singing inserts for American soldiers.  In 1957 and 58 Margot Hielscher represented the FRG at the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne - the present Eurovision Song Contest - where she finished 4th and 7th.  Also as a presenter proved the red-haired talent.  In the 1960s, she moderated her own program "Visiting Margot Hielscher", where she had over 700 celebrities.

Her great love was the film and pop composer Friedrich Meyer († 78).  In 1959 the two married, the marriage held up to Meyers death.

 Peacefully dormant

As the "Bild" reported, the screen legend died on Sunday (August 20) in their apartment in Munich.  Her nephew Peter von Schall-Riaucour (46) told the newspaper: "Shortly before her death, she said to her nurse: 'I lie down, I am so madly tired.  A quarter of an hour later, she has fallen asleep forever. "This is followed by her husband, who also died on 20 August in 1993.

 We wish the family much strength for the time of mourning.

HIELSCHER, Margot (Margot Marie Else Hielscher)
Born: 9/29/1919, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany
Died: 8/20/2017 Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Margot Hielscher’s western – actress:
Johnny Saves Nebrador – 1953 (Marina)

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